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Michelle Waterson UFC Strawweight fighter (Ranked number 6) Whereas Ricky Hatton didn't give McGregor a chance, a lot of UFC fighters were more open-minded, with Nunes and Michelle Waterson being prime examples.

All the while Diaz has sat on the sidelines, telling the UFC he would not take another fight unless it was with McGregor.

About 3:30 p.m. on fight day, Mayweather apparently tried - unsuccessfully - to lay down a wager that he would knock out McGregor in less than 9.5 rounds.

The most notable perhaps being boxer Andre Berto wanting to compete in the UFC - and former UFC champion Jose Aldo wanting to compete in professional boxing. I fight five title fights in 18 months and beat the greatest welterweight of all time, nobody has done anything like that in our sport.

It was widely assumed that last Saturday's Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight would rank as one of the top two events in U.S. pay-per-view history. Heather Hardy - WBC women's boxing super middleweight champion and MMA fighter As both a boxer and an MMA fighter, Heather Hardy is uniquely-placed to understand the differences in the two disciplines. Even though the opportunities to wager in a fight that he is in might not be coming anytime soon.

"I'm a student of the game and I've studied Floyd and it was an honour to share the ring with him". I'm very passionate about it, Rams and Chargers. Boxing is no longer what it once was, and it is rare that I sit down to watch a match. "And we knew a huge amount of people were going to be watching, including some who watched illegally". I'm assuming he's there (at the fight), to sell that fight. But I'm here to tell you there's a lot more than sweat flying.

"I always told him he was not a fighter but a boxer", McGregor posted on Instagram. But I didn't watch it myself.

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It's hard to know exactly what you can take as truth from that statement.

The boxer came out of retirement to fight mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor.

Earlier in the evening, the match had been delayed due to PPV issues.

"I wanted to fight one more time, I was being greedy". I don't want to have my flag inside of your truck like this.' I said, 'Man, I'm not anxious about that.' He's saying, 'You never know if you ever need someone, so...' -- I already knew where he was going with it. They were able to bring their best to the table. The guy hadn't fought for two years. "Moral? First of all, you try to prove that with someone who's nearly 41, who's been away (from the sport)".

The Money Fight lived up to its billing.

The MMA Ten keeps you updated on the latest news from the world of the UFC and beyond! He often punched himself out of position and his MMA muscle memory put him in places where he couldn't follow up with the right punch.

"I'm an MMA athlete". Without your support we as fighters are nothing so I thank you all!