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It was widely assumed that last Saturday's Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight would rank as one of the top two events in USA pay-per-view history.

McGregor challenging Mayweather to a fight is somewhat like Michael Phelps challenging Usain Bolt to a race, but unlike racing, boxing and its promoters have always benefited most from sensational stories.

The most intriguing part was whether Mayweather or McGregor's unwavering confidence would actually be their Achilles Heel. The three-part challenge consisted of jump rope, sit-ups and pushups for a chance to win BSN products for a year.

"I felt like McGregor was going to be able to land some shots on Mayweather at first", Holm said on The MMA Hour, "which he did". Mayweather earlier took home $100 million in 2015 fighting against Manny Pacquiao. It's just like Mayweather when he fought Berto. I respect martial arts, so I put myself in my place.

Additionally, HHH stated that an event like Mayweather vs McGregor was nearly impossible to replicate, and despite the outcome being predictable, the overall show was most definitely entertaining. It is going to be one heck of a fight that I think both fighters are going to know once and for all what they are really made of. I thought that was a fair play move on my behalf and I came in and I won.

The fight saw Mayweather notch his 50 career win with no defeats while surpassing legendary heavyweight Rocky Marciano, who retired with a flawless 49-0 record. Again, unlike many fans and pundits, McGregor's "ruthless and reckless" trash-talking in the run-up to the fight made her a fan of McGregor as well.

When you see a boxer take a good blow to the face on TV - like when his head snaps backward or to the side - you often see a swath of sweat spray through the air. I get a little wobbly but it's more fatigue.

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In the end, the rugged Irishman melted from the heat of a relentless Floyd Mayweather Jr. attack last Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

McGregor, meanwhile, said his 10-week training camp just wasn't enough time to prepare for the rigors of a 12-round boxing match.

While next weekend's bout is a pretty big deal, there hasn't been a ton of talk in the MMA lately about Johnson - Borg.

Leading up to the fight, bookmakers were seeing a huge surge in bets coming in on both men, but something about a McGregor win seemed to trump the number of bets on the favorite. Fight started great, but he was f****. "I wanted to go out here and beat [Demian Maia] and I wanted to fight Georges St-Pierre in November in New York City", 'The Chosen One told Sports Illustrated.

According to the Los Angeles Times' Lance Pugmire, Espinoza said "it's too early to declare a hard number", but the fight is "tracking in the mid-to-high 4 million pay-per view buys".

Floyd Mayweather's technical knockout of Conor McGregor could set a pay-per-view revenue record.