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They see President Trump as a human wrecking ball who will destroy the USA welfare state through his policies of deporting criminal illegal immigrants, the extreme vetting of refugees entering the US and those immigrating from countries that are state sponsors of radical Islamic terrorism, building a wall on our southern border, the deregulation of business, the lowering of personal and corporate taxes, supporting the fossil fuel industry, repealing and replacing the ACA, etc.

In this photo taken August 28, 2017, President Donald Trump speaks in the East Room of the White House in Washington. Eighty-two percent (82%) of those who Strongly Disapprove of the job Trump is doing say that criticism is bad for the country. "The real question is not whether Republicans can do something about Trump", historian Julian Zelizer says, "but whether they have the will or the courage to do so".

Voters polled believe Trump dislikes the media more than white supremacists by a 70 percent to 13 percent margin. A majority, 61 percent, said they'd be opposed. For a nation that has been wondering where exactly the line is for Trump's fellow Republicans - when they'll stop tolerating the president's authoritarian behavior - this sharper tone seems like a sign that they're tiring of his act.

"The challenge is, they (Republicans) are going to find, as Obama showed, it's not easy to translate people's support for you into a larger party effort", said longtime Florida Democratic strategist Steven Schale, who was Obama's 2008 Florida director.

Trump's supporters raise different concerns: 17% of those who approve of his job performance cite his use of Twitter and other social media, while 16% say they are most concerned about obstruction from others, such as Congress and the news media. At the same time, his disapproval has skyrocketed - rising more than 12 points since Inauguration Day. Overall, 61 percent of those polled remained dissatisfied with the current tax system.America First Policies also conducted August focus groups on tax reform in Florida and OH, two states Trump won in November.

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McConnell signaled to business leaders that he was deeply uncomfortable with Trump's comments: Several who resigned advisory roles in the Trump administration contacted McConnell's office after the fact, and were told that McConnell fully understood their choices, three people briefed on the conversations said.

Public more confident in Trump on trade than on immigration, nuclear weapons.

Treyz noted that that there are 41 Republican members of Congress from just five states whose residents are much more apt than other Americans to take advantage of personal tax deductions on mortgage interest, and on state and local taxes. Trump's most explosive remarks came at a news conference in Manhattan, where he stood beside Chao. Even Orrin Hatch - a man with all the aggressiveness of a Keebler elf - has chastised Trump a time or two.

In his Springfield speech, Trump also vowed to boost the American economy by freeing Americans companies of what he called an oppressive tax burden. Her opponent, Rep. Todd Akin, saw his campaign collapse after he said women who were victims of "legitimate rape" could not get pregnant.

Partisans divided on Trump's handling of Russian Federation. Only 39 percent of voters are supporting Trump's actions and activities. About two-thirds of Republicans (66%) say Trump is about right in dealing with Russian Federation.