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Adding to the complexity of the disaster, ExxonMobil acknowledged today Harvey has damaged two of its refineries, causing the release of hazardous pollutants. They did not have enough baby supplies Monday, she said, but have since received several donations that helped a lot. Across a vast region, they were huddled inside churches, senior centres and hotels.

An official said Monday the center was looking for more volunteers, especially mental health specialists, nurses and social workers. She was stressing the positive.

Vi Tran greets her husband Joseph and their dogs after being briefly separated when rescue boats evacuated them and their two young daughters from Houston's Meyerland area, August 27, 2017. "We're really grateful to be away and headed home to where we live, but there's a lot of people down there who aren't almost so lucky".

After facing a second night on a cot with her mother, two sisters and three dogs, Tania Flores was ready to wake up Wednesday thinking about going home.

An additional 659 evacuees are now being housed inside the city's three other shelters, which are just about full. But after escaping to safety in a dump truck, Bell refused to leave her family at the shelter. So, that's one thing that they're hoping to acquire more in the next few days.

"My mom is clearly emotional", says Jonathan, hugging his mom inside the convention center as her eyes become flushed with tears. "Right now, [Houston] is a lake, and all the major arteries going in and out of that city are flooding, so we want them to be safe". "I know I don't have a house". Saying it spent days trying to coordinate an emergency plan with city, federal and county officials, Harris County officials late Tuesday made a decision to open a separate shelter for 10,000 people at a county-owned exhibition hall.

LUIZ REYEZ: It was a relief to finally be back home.

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Additionally, the people most likely to be found dead are the elderly, the infirm and the people who were isolated from others - along with folks who didn't have the means or wherewithal to flee.

The San Jacinto River, which empties into the channel, has pipelines and roads and bridges not designed for the current deluge, Linder said, and the chance of infrastructure failures will increase the "longer we keep the water in place". "I'm waiting for my son to pick me up", she said.

Shelter spokesman Tom McCasland said about 5,000 people slept on cots, while the rest slept on cardboards and blankets.

Of Dallas' three open shelters, 543 people are now spending the night. There were doctors tending medical stations. A police officer intervened, and tempers subsided, but Jones anxious about her hotheaded sixth-grader as the days drag on. Of course, you will remember many people who evacuated from New Orleans ended up resettling in Houston.

By Monday afternoon, an uncertain camaraderie seemed to have taken hold here, but some evacuees wondered whether it would hold up as their ordeal dragged on.

"You can tell that by when they get in the line to get food and to get coffee", Mr Rose said as he sat in a chair, still dressed in waders. "You just got to pray on it". Towels, clothing for adults and children, socks, pillows, blankets, even yoga mats are being requested as donations to help these people in need of comfort. Some evacuees may be transferred to other locations to make sure everyone has a roof over their head, he said. "I just let everything go".