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"I hope I sell the victor because I've been promised a vehicle, I've been promised vacations, marriage proposals, all kinds of things", Schultz said.

Wednesday's jackpot of $700 million was expected to balloon by Wednesday morning because of what Tabor called "jackpot chasers", the casual lottery players who join in when the Powerball reaches astronomical heights.

That number is attracting people who don't normally play.

According to South Carolina Lottery Commission, chances of winning are about 1 in 293 million.

"This right here in my hand, is my retirement plan", one man told WJZ. "I'm going to buy me a nice house, a vehicle, clear my credit". "They're not going to bury with it", said a frequent player", said Manny Gonzales. "Fifty million dollars wasn't enough - everyone wants the $700 million". That's a lot of reasons to buy a ticket for tonight's drawing.

Those odds don't mean much to people though because filed into Jimmy Mart to get a ticket.

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The business has a positive reputation among lottery hopefuls, Sahi said.

The Powerball winning numbers for August 23 will be picked at 10:59 p.m. ET. "Then probably look at making contributions to a number of different facilities", said Paul Powers.

We wanted to give you an idea about how small your chances of winning it all may be.

Grier just turned 19 and said she made a decision to play because her mom always plays.

"I've been talking about building an art community, just for like everyone - kind of like a YMCA kind of thing, and have art facilities, have a pottery program", said one woman walking her dog.

"This is a lucky place". If the prize isn't claimed in the next couple of weeks, the ticket will be worthless. If a retailer in Maryland sells a winning ticket, they get $100,000.