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Weatherford College will host a viewing party on Monday afternoon "as twilight falls across town during the solar eclipse", public relations coordinator Crystal Brown said Friday.

The Total Solar Eclipse on 21 August has sparked quite a lot of excitement across America.

Wait, even that plan dried up. But remember: during totality on Monday, the moon will blot out the sun's light. Around 30 glasses will be available to people attending the viewing on a first-come-first-serve basis.

After word circulated of the trade-off, blood bank officials reported donor numbers quadrupled at the Grand Junction center.

"When eclipse day dawns, weather will trump all the geometric calculations and careful planning that eclipse-chasers have anxious about for years", said Kelly Beatty, senior editor of Sky & Telescope magazine and veteran eclipse-chaser.

The blood center had about 200 glasses Tuesday night, but the eyewear was snapped up by spontaneous blood donors, no doubt encouraged by the chance to grab a pair of glasses.

On Monday, dozens of tents, vendors and food trucks are going to be on hand.

Where can I still get glasses and what if I want to make them myself? . The eyewear was distributed to children participating in special programs.

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Airbnb reports that over 40,000 guests have been booked along the path of totality so far, with Nashville and towns in SC making up almost half of that activity.

"We had 150 people lined up out of both doors", Mesa County Libraries spokesman Bob Kretschman said.

"Look around", he said.

And while the worldwide web as we know it today didn't exist back in 1979, online services such as MicroNet and Bulletin Board Services (BBSs) were available to those fearless pioneers and the hardcore technorati. The phone calls have been endless. You can really damage your eyes.

"I think these days people use the word "awesome" to mean cool or neat, but I think the word 'awesome" was inspired by seeing a total eclipse. You can find your specific circumstances at the U.S. Naval Observatory's Solar Eclipse Web page. Throughout the day there will be activities, and glasses will be provided during the event. And they also happen all over the world. "Maybe in 2024 we'll be ready".

"Some people say, 'What if I just briefly look at it just for a split second and then look away?' Well, the potential for permanent damage is fairly low". "I'm looking forward to experiencing it for myself, and not just hearing or reading about it", Fleet said.

One of the researchers' simulations even successfully produced a coronal mass ejection (CME), which are basically large-scale explosions of energy on the sun, from an active area of the sun that will be near the east limb of the solar surface on eclipse day. The Great American Eclipse, and Music City is ramping up its festivities. There are three types of eclipses that can occur: total, partial and annular.

Nasa will live-stream the event on its its website, Facebook, Periscope, Twitch, UStream, Nasa TV and the Nasa YouTube channel. The small spaces between your fingers should project a grid of small images on the ground that show the sun as a crescent during the partial phases of the eclipse. "But we can capture sharper images as we move in the direction of the Moon's motion as it blocks different parts of the Sun at different times", said Dale Gary, professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).