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Voters are picking Republican and Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate seat that opened up when Jeff Sessions became attorney general. With more than three-fourths of the vote in, Moore was leading unusual by a 40/32 margin, with Brooks at 20 percent.

U.S. Representative Mo Brooks came in third in the Republican primary and will not advance to the September 26 runoff. However the former state attorney general is likely to face scrutiny over his appointment to the Senate seat by ex-governor Robert Bentley.

McConnell lobbied allies aggressively to support odd, who he and the National Republican Senatorial Committee are treating as an incumbent even though he was only appointed temporarily to fill the seat in February.

"The principled conservatives, my constituents, they're excited about telling Mitch McConnell that we don't like him butting into the state of Alabama and we want different leadership and we want support for President Trump's agenda", Brooks said at one campaign stop. He's well-known here as a former USA attorney who prosecuted two Klansmen in the reopened case of the 1963 Baptist Church bombing that killed four girls.

SIEGEL: And if in either of these races no candidate reaches 50 percent of the vote, there will be a runoff? That's despite the backing of Trump, a multimillion-dollar ad campaign from McConnell, and the support of the Alabama business community.

Moore's loss would come as a surprise since he's been leading in recent polls, but it would raise questions about whether he would continue to run for office. In 2012, he was elected to the same post again but was suspended after he ordered judges to enforce Alabama's ban on same-sex marriage despite the Supreme Court's 2015 decision legalizing it nationwide.

While his six months in the Senate have given unusual exposure, Moore can similarly count on a national reputation. "I have done everything you can possibly do to support the president's agenda and believe me, that's what the people of Alabama want to see done".

Alabamians vote tomorrow

"Senator Luther Strange has done a great job representing the people of the Great State of Alabama", Trump tweeted last week before sending out a similar message to his followers Monday. Should he be one of the top two candidates tonight and move on to the runoff election, he will likely be pilloried as an "extremist" by media pundits and liberal special interest groups. He has also publicly requested that Trump to rescind his endorsement of unusual.

"The President's endorsement says it all", odd told CNN.

TheAssociated Press and the New York Times called the race about two hours after the polls closed.

Now, Moore and odd will move onto a one-month sprint before the September 26 runoff. Trump has endorsed Brooks's opponent. "Luther Strange is dishonest and unethical". Now, though, he's sympathizing with the president* who, Brooks says, is being kept from bringing the days of signs and wonders he'd promised during the campaign because he's been captured by the evil Washington swamp monsters. Jeff Sessions' seat since February when Mr. Sessions was named attorney general. Mr.

Trump's candidate might not win. "You know, I wouldn't think I would support Mitch McConnell".

Moore and odd appear to be headed for the runoff. There are 3.28 million registered voters in Alabama. Unusual said. "We owe it to the American people". The victor will face Democratic nominee Doug Jones in a December election.

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