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Thousands of protesters had lined Manhattan's Fifth Avenue to await him, along with a group of supporters numbering in the dozens.

It wasn't clear exactly how many protesters had heard the speech before coming uptown with their signs; when speaking to Inverse, a NY local who asked to be identified as Kristin said, "It really doesn't matter what he said today".

Trump is expected to be in New York City through Wednesday, according to the NYPD.

Trumpy the Rat, which is modelled on the inflatable rats used by labour unions, was set up at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street.

In Durham, North Carolina, protesters gathered at the Fayette County Courthouse around the Confederate Soldiers Monument and toppled the almost century-old statue of John C. Breckinridge, the 14th vice president of the USA and a civil war era slave owner.

"This is the ugly face of Trump's America!" a description for the gathering read.

"Racism is evil", Trump said. "That is something we have to take note of, coming out tonight and showing that this is not OK". They're carrying American flags and signs with such messages as "Trump is president" and "now is not the time for divisiveness". But he was not the only one.

"He is destroying everything our forefathers worked for".

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Several others were arrested in connection with street brawls during the day that left another 15 people injured. Two involved alleged assaults, and one involved a case of alleged obstruction.

The "Unite the Right" rally was planned for Friday, August 11 to protest against the removal of a statue of Confederate icon General Robert E Lee.

"He gave them a platform", she said. There was no indication in the records that he was arrested. Twenty-year-old James Alex Fields Jr. of OH is charged with second-degree murder and other counts. "And we must wake up and confront them with resistance that is just as serious". It's four years, he's going to do the correct job.

After Trump was elected, security around the tower ramped up dramatically, with barricades and checkpoints manned by scores of uniformed police officers.

McGrath said Fields was no outcast: "He had friends".

"Those are the people who got him elected".

But not everyone was mollified. "I think I have white privilege; I need to put my body on the line", Kirkpatrick said. "I'm disappointed it took him a couple of days". The groups clashed in street brawls, with hundreds of people throwing punches, hurling water bottles and beating each other with sticks and shields.

"[The protest is against Trump's] hateful rhetoric and failure to condemn white supremacy", the group Political Revolution said on its Facebook page with respect to the gathering in front of Trump Tower.