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Amazon, Vimeo, and Netflix are among the tech companies that support net neutrality.

Many consumers support the rules to protect the openness of the internet.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), known for defending the rights of people in their digital lives, today posted a fake message from "Atcast" telling users they had to pay extra for the "premium bundle" in order to access the website.

Despite marijuana being legal for recreational use in Alaska since 2014, Facebook deleted the pages of local businesses, arguably denying them the "access to all the opportunities that come with the internet" Zuckerberg pledged to stand for. You can send your comments to the FCC to let the commissioners know you want the internet to remain open.

Tech trade groups and activist organizations, such as the Internet Association and Fight for the Future, argue that repealing the FCC's net neutrality rules would give internet service providers too much power to determine what consumers can and can't see online, and for what price.

Marc Andreessen, an Internet pioneer who co-authored the first widely used web browser and co-founded Netscape, offers a counter-argument that is popular with telecommunication companies. Tim Berners-Lee, the English computer scientist credited with creation of the web, published a video noting that "if we lose net neutrality, we lose the internet as we know it". The three remaining FCC commissioners will chew on their data and make their cases, and the Chairman Pai's agenda will nearly certainly take effect.

Already the FCC has received 5.6 million comments on the issue, ahead of a July 17 deadline for remarks. Internet providers have previously argued that people might actually benefit from some prioritization.

Disclosure: Comcast is the owner of NBCUniversal, the parent company of this station, and is one of the internet service providers often mentioned as a supporter on limits to net neutrality. "All of us favor a free and open internet", Pai said in an interview with CNET. Basically - with net neutrality, it doesn't matter if you're looking at the New York Times or some really gross porn.

Trump's 'war on the open internet': tech firms join activists in day of protest

"The FCC needs to listen to the public, not just lobbyists from big cable companies".

Violent street-level protests against Trump administration policies this year have been led by so-called Antifa (antifascist) groups who wear black clothing and face-masks, as well as scarves, sunglasses, ski masks and motorcycle helmets. OKCupid displayed a message asking daters to "stop the FCC from destroying net neutrality".

SELYUKH: When the Obama-era FCC set the new rules in 2015, the agency went for a broad overhaul of how it treats Internet providers in general. Both senators support the embattled rule.

The effort is led by numerous grassroots groups behind the largest online protests in history including the SOPA blackout and the Internet Slowdown.

"You can have strong and enforceable Open Internet protections without relying on rigid, innovation-killing utility regulation that was developed in the 1930s", David Cohen, Senior executive vice president of Comcast, wrote. You don't have to be a big shot to compete.

"The internet is the most powerful and pervasive platform on the planet", said FCC chairman Tom Wheeler. Twitter was also promoting the hashtag #NetNeutrality throughout the day.

At question is whether or not the internet should be a place of openness, where information and videos are available with a simple click, or restricted. There was a lot of media campaign and awareness over net neutrality on this issue.

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