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Medicaid (in Minnesota it is called Medical Assistance or M.A.) is the federal health insurance plan for this country's neediest: those with disabilities, the elderly, children, the poor and the sick. Nursing homes average almost $90,000 per year, without Medicaid, millions of older adults and families would be financially overwhelmed if these services were limited or no longer available.

In addition, about 660,000 spouses of veterans get health coverage through Medicaid, according to an estimate by Families USA, a pro-Affordable Care Act group, based on Census figures. Steve Daines of Montana to let him know they oppose a Senate healthcare proposal that would cut funding for Medicaid expansion and cut the federal deficit.

Senate Republicans will not be ready to vote on their healthcare bill for at least two weeks, Capitol Hill and White House sources told Politico.

She said changes are needed, pointing out that even though the Affordable Care Act made health insurance available to more Americans, health care costs continued to rise, causing many families in Alabama to seek government assistance for health care. Similar stories were the reality for innumerable other Americans.

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Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee are on the prowl to pass healthcare without the protections for pre-existing conditions, putting them sideways with McConnell, whose understanding was the pair would support that if other Obamacare measures were repealed, The Hill reported. "I don't think anyone believes that if the dollar amount is higher 10 years later that somehow that can't be considered a cut", Casey said.

Republicans in the U.S. Senate did not introduce or vote on their proposed Better Care Reconciliation Act before the July 4 recess because they did not have enough votes.

Along with these direct actions, numerous organizations that oppose the Trump administration for a raft of reasons participated in meetings with members of Congress to argue against cuts to Medicaid and the ACA or held protests outside their offices. For example, the Urban Institute projected that the number of uninsured people in Kentucky would increase from 6.3 percent of the population to 21 percent under the Senate bill. Ever smaller profit margins for insurance companies means fewer can compete. I am there for their developmental milestones and diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions, and I am there to help families make hard choices during trying moments.

Isakson's spokeswoman Amanda Maddox said Wednesday judging the bill's impact while it is still being negotiated by GOP leaders amounts to "speculation". It terrifies and disappointments me that these patients could be lost to care and that their health and wellness could be in jeopardy.