Handel becomes the first female Republican elected to Congress from Georgia as Democrats' effort to throw a wrench in President Trump's already slow-moving legislative agenda fails rather spectacularly. "They don't vote for us because they are bigots" is not a strategy I would employ as a campaign manager but they are welcome to keep trying this, and they are welcome to keep losing. Its inexplicable to me that Donald Trump supporters can not or will not see that Democrats and Republicans alike lost so much more than an election. Handel is firmly inside the GOP cadre that has tinkered with the nuts and bolts of elections to hold power and defend the party's aging white base. He also said that if there was a business-minded Democrat who spoke about infrastructure, spoke about tax cuts for small businesses, knows the people from being active in the community, like being part of a church or a chamber of commerce chapter, and eschews the narrative peddled by D.C. Democrats-the party could be in much better shape. The Times also noted that Pelosi was a regular feature in ads and on campaign fliers for the special election. Maybe that's just me, but surely Jon Ossoff had enough money to test the proposition with infinite focus groups.

In a series of tweets, Pfieffer argued that the key to Democrats' getting back on their feet is to go after swing voters, specifically those voters that flipped from Barack Obama to Trump in the 2016 election. "And let's not forget, our equally great vice president, Mike Pence".

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a political action committee backed by House Speaker Paul Ryan, has spent $7 million on her behalf.

She said, "My promise is to work every single day relentlessly to make our state and this country a better place". He repeatedly rejected partisan labels, called himself a pragmatist and said he'd to do whatever benefits his district, even if it meant working with Trump.

That Mr. Ossoff lost is less of a bad sign for the Democrats than that most of Mr. Trump's opponents - be they Democrats, anti-Trump Republicans, or independents - are still trapped in 2016, an era before the Trump administration commenced an ongoing assault on constitutional rights.

Handel's defense of the district, occupying the affluent suburbs north of Atlanta, comes as a blow to Ossoff, who raised over $20 million for the race after finishing less than two percentage points shy of achieving a majority and winning the seat outright during the first round of voting April.

The race was viewed nationally as a gauge of whether Trump's sagging approval ratings are a drag on Republicans that could threaten the party's control of the House in the 2018 midterm elections.

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Indeed the best news Democrats got Tuesday night was that a different special House race, in SC, ended up closer than the Georgia contest even though it had drawn little national attention.

But it's impossible to deny that the result in the high-profile special election was beyond disheartening for Democrats, who had touted the contest as a golden chance to show how President Trump's national unpopularity could be used as a springboard to taking back the House in 2018.

Democrats lost a heartbreaker of a special election Tuesday in Georgia.

Trump predicted Handel's win as early as April 17, when he said that a runoff will lead to a win. It could also show House incumbents that they can separate themselves from Trump effectively on the campaign trail, and stave off a potential wave of retirements.

Addressing jubilant supporters, Ms Handel thanked key Republican figures, including President Trump. Price won each time he was on the ballot since 2004 with more than 60% of the vote.

The Republicans have held Georgia's 6th Congressional District since the late 1970s and, really, since the political realignment of the South. It shows that US citizens are more civically engaged and apt to vote in special elections, which previously did not attract high turnouts.