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On this fathers day every child should wish their dad and give surprise to him.

Samantha Frei and her father, Scott Frei, smile big as they pose for a selfie. Pres. Lyndon Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday in June as the U.S. Father's Day holiday, the first presidential proclamation in honor of fathers. He taught me life lessons that as a father, I've tried to pass down to my girls. Grace Golden Clayton suggested to her pastor, Robert Thomas Webb, that they should set aside a day honouring all those fathers. Her family doesn't have many traditions and keeps things pretty low key. And as Father's Day comes around, I'm dreading the influx of "I love my dad" posts, with cute pictures of fathers and their children out eating brunch or enjoying the sunny weather with a barbecue.

And in case you happen to be a daughter, there is no better superhero, life saver or any possible figure that you admire which can even match for one percent with your dad.

I think about my Dad.

Father's Day is upon us once again. I may not have said it often, but how could I let this day go by without saying how much you mean to me. What they had to say left us ... well, kind of emotional, to say the least.

For years now, we have been finding out that not only are fathers influential, but that their influence on their children can have long-lasting effects on the future of their children. When he's at school, though, he generally calls or Skypes his dad. But one thing amuses me that most of the people who celebrate does not really know what they're actually being celebrating! It's possible that your father simply will not want to talk about his health when you approach him. "For me, my dad is always around and I can chat with him how school was like and get advice about homework", he said.

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Alison Steele and her father, Steve Steele, show off their medals after finishing a race. They love it when some of their interest rub off on you. It's hard to be a dad. "I'll be thinking about it throughout the summer, things that I'll think he'll like to do with his hobbies", Steele said.

We'll get through this.

Wishing Happy Father's Day 2017 to all the fathers in the world. So maybe its time to look back at the lessons that made you cherish punctuality or taught you the simple lesson to never give up. "In my home, my dad will barbecue". Father's day quotes are the unbelievable expression of love to show the father.

They say that I'm a spitting image of you- a younger version of you-but I know that we're different from each other. Thanks for everything. Happy fathers' day! The lessons they teach through example may well be the most critical gifts.

Being around my friends and co-workers as they share the details of the special plans they to spend the day doing something fun or even boring with their fathers, all I can think of is that I won't be with mine.