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They can call. I hope there is a day when that happens. Amazon got in first with the Echo, which is the most versatile system. Apple has a new Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil available to purchase separately that work with the iPads.

"Some have created speakers that make music sound good around our homes but these aren't smart speakers", proclaimed Schiller. "Dot and Echo through Bluetooth and Audio Out can connect to other speakers". Sonos's calibration routine involves wandering around a room holding your smartphone to listen to pulses and tones being emitted from the speaker. Apple HomePod only extends Siri home control to HomeKit-enabled devices.

What is it used for?

The Apple smart speaker is also equipped to perform functions such as setting kitchen timers, reminders, and even calendar integration. Everything else, at least in near future, is going to be just an add on. The Echo is handy for ordering things from Amazon Prime, but it struggles with answering basic knowledge questions. Competitor Google's home assistant achieved a 10% market share.

Much of the excitement over the Echo has focused on Alexa, Amazon's artificial intelligence assistant. Apple HomePod offers less flexibility, thanks to the closed ecosystem approach of Apple. Amazon's and Google's extensive lists of supported third-party platforms have Apple beat by a mile. "And we sell a lot of speakers on Amazon and we want to give people a lot of choice". Apple is planning to release more HomePod details in the coming months and will likely announce app partners before the device's launch, but until it does so, it's hard to say how its smart home features will compete with Amazon's Echo and Google Home.

Amazon and Google's existing speakers have also proved popular with consumers since the Echo launched in the United Kingdom in 2016 and Home earlier this year.

Two can also be linked together to form stereo speakers.

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Apple is marketing the HomePod as a much higher quality speaker - and it is. The device can sense its position in a room and optimize audio playback for any location.

What services and apps do they work with?

But in all likelihood none of this matters in the case of the HomePod, not right now.

Another disadvantage it has is that music support only comes from Apple Music. Without one, users can only ask Siri to play podcasts or BeatsOne radio. Whether singly or in a pair with AirPlay 2 for serious stereo sound, indoors or out, and utilizing only your voice and the data collected and processed by the A8 chip, HomePod instantaneously modifies the sound being projected, and can, through the aid of an algorithm that determines time, space, volume and frequency, upmix direct and ambient sound to affect the most flawless, acoustically defined music you may have ever heard.

What are the privacy concerns?

7 of 12The Most Powerful Smart Home Hub Ever? Some people use Spotify. Once the devices hear a wake word or phrase, they start recording and send your voice to the cloud to complete the request. (You listening, Marc Lore?) But if there's any company that excels at building shopping experiences into gadgets, it's Apple, not Amazon.