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It's not just about new apps, either. An iPhone might be a good place to start. On the minus side, Facebook and Twitter integration in particular has been very useful for apps that use the social networks for federated login: expect to have to spend a bit more time typing in passwords once iOS 11 drops. It gives a real and natural-seeming file management system to iPhones and iPads which also integrates with third-party online services. The developers at Apple did think about this practical issue and confirmed that even though the application will be removed from the phone, the local data and the documents associated with the app will be saved in the device. The arrow that appears in the blank space lets you return to the normal keyboard mode when you're back to two-handed operation.

There are also a host of new additions under the skin, including a faster processor and support for augmented reality.

The redesign makes the app fit in better with some of the company's more recent offerings- it borrows a lot from Apple Music with its large fonts and overall aesthetics- and also takes care of a lot of house cleaning in the process.

Another important feature that's coming to iOS 11 is the flexibility to drag and drop text, files and folders anywhere on the screen.

From June 2018, all new apps submitted to the Mac app store will need to support 64-bit, and from June 2018 updates to existing apps must also be 64-bit compatible.

Will you be picking up a new iPad Pro?

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Messages: The messaging app of Apple has now been provided a new app drawer to easily pull stickers and apps. That could frustrate users if Apple doesn't inform them that upgrading from iOS 10 to iOS 11 could result in a reduction in overall device functionality.

It roughly equates to a 40 per cent reduction in border size, says Alphr, although Apple has managed to maintain the old iPad Pro's 1lb (454g) weight. It may be also available from the Purchased tab if they have been downloaded previously. This might be the thing that actually starts making me use the notification controls on iOS more.

Siri is getting smarter and it wants you to stay safe.

IOS 11 bugs: Not everyone has the new Siri voice yet. When using Apple Car mode you can have notifications hidden and the phone will auto-reply to people who are trying to contact you, letting them know you're driving.

"(This) could theoretically add a 4th dimension to how we experience the world", he told CNBC in an email comment. The iPad-centric features were long overdue and this iOS update will make use of all the hardware improvements that Apple brought to the iPad Pro range at the WWDC. Or at least they are for anyone with an iPhone running iOS 11.