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Apple is expected to update the processors in the MacBook and MacBook Pro to Intel's newer, more efficient Kaby Lake processors, although not much else is expected to change in these new laptops, which received aesthetic overhauls in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Apple pitched its speaker as primarily a music device, saying it links tightly with the company's Music streaming app, which brings in $10 in revenue per user each month.

Schiller said HomePod was a smart "musicologist" at home.

The device is a pill-shaped circular speaker. "It's not designed like Amazon's Alexa as a front end to online stores...my gut says they will sell millions of these as a powerful home speaker", he added.

Apple's senior vice-president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, demonstrated the company's AR capabilities by placing a virtual coffee cup, lamp and vase onto a real table. Coming in white and space grey variants, the HomePod is stylish, elegant and smart.

It is a 7-inches tall device and covered in a "seamless 3D mesh" fabric with acoustic properties.

The woofer has a custom amplifier for a wide range of deep bass.

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We were able to extend our index finger and thumb and nearly span the entire speaker, which, according to the HomePod specs, is just under seven inches tall. That company offers a similar wireless multi-speaker system for listening to music throughout the home, similar to HomePod's ability to chain together multiple speakers.

Yes, Amazon got there first and Google's been doing it for some time too, but the rumoured Apple smart home speaker is indeed a reality.

Siri will now share its learned and personalized data across devices with end-to-end encryption - so that Apple doesn't know your preferences. You've never heard of Pandora. To help achieve this, the device is also able to detect and separate center vocals, direct energy (instrumentation), and ambient audio (like backing vocals and reverb) within a music track, and then beam each piece directionally and blend them together specifically for the room's unique dynamics.

Apple made the argument that the HomePod speaker combines the best of the new speaker idea out there.

Apple's AirPlay 2 Early Partners. You can activate it with a wake word - "Hey Siri" - and ask an artificially intelligent assistant, Siri, to play music. You already subscribe to Apple Music. But Apple occasionally also uses the event to introduce new devices and services and upgrades to existing products.

You can tap the top to play, pause, or adjust the volume. So now you can ask Siri to turn on the lights or lock the door without moving a muscle. To do this, just the accessory to the Home app. The HomePod won't start shipping until December 2017, and at $349, it's about twice as expensive as the Echo ($179) and Google Home ($129).