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Both games will be compatible with Nintendo's Pokemon Bank service, so if you want to transfer your fave old-school Pokemon over to Generation VII, it's a lot easier. The Pokemon Company International's press page briefly listed the Nintendo Switch as a platform for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, albeit with a TBA next to it.

Despite having their own E3 programming, as small as it might be, Nintendo is going to be sharing some Pokemon news ahead of the show.

What do you think Nintendo will announce tomorrow at the Pokemon Direct?

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The games will be available for download on September 22 2017. Like all recent pairs of Pokemon games, these will hit the stores simultaneously on November 17th.

Sadly, the heavily-rumored Pokemon Stars was not announced for the Nintendo Switch... perhaps it'll be included in Nintendo's E3 2017 festivities.

Though it might not be exactly what fans wanted, there's finally a Pokémon game coming to the Nintendo Switch. It's even possible that Pokken Tournament DX will feature new game modes that weren't present in the Wii U release, but that's just speculation at this time. But alongside that, as we approached the summer, was Niantic Labs' expected announcement of Pokemon GO's summer content, heavily hinted by themselves to include the long-awaited release of Legendaries. Specifically, this would be a console version of Pokemon Sun and Moon. That day will come on September 22nd when these Game Boy Color titles join the 3DS Virtual Console lineup. So not a Platinum-style "all in one" compilation, but not quite a direct sequel like Pokemon Black and White Versions 2 either.