KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Everything comes in due time and my time is coming.

"Like I said before, I'm going say it again". Since 2014 he is riding a ten-fight winning streak. "Like I've said before, since I was 17 (years old) I watched this guy".

Next for the UFC is "UFC Fight Night 112" on June 11 (Manila time) in Auckland, New Zealand, that will be headlined by the heavyweight battle between Derrick Lewis (#6) and Mark Hunt (#7). Aldo put in one hell of a fight, surviving a barrage of punches from mount and RNC attempts.

After landing his burst, Aldo's patience returned. Holloway relentlessly drilled Aldo, who was unable to shake the challenger off him.

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It was a great start for "Junior". After Aldo controlled the first round, Holloway found his rhythm in a tight second, matching Aldo's famed work rate and aggression. "He's the greatest to do it", Holloway said of Aldo on a media conference call last week. Holloway begins taunting ala Nick Diaz late. Now Aldo and Holloway will fight to unify those belts.

With one minute left of the third Holloway was riding him like a rocking horse and knocking the stuffing out of the MMA hero. Aldo is in big trouble. Aldo flattened out the champion and delivered vicious blows from the back to earn his first title. If he isn't respectful of Aldo's experience and knowledge of the martial arts, then he could give the reigning champion the opening he needs to defend his throne. Despite being almost unconscious, Aldo's body continued to defend itself. Holloway won't be looking for a rematch with "the Notorious" though. I'm learning, man. And I told you guys, December 10th, a star is going to be born. In the second, he turned up the pressure and stuck to his strategy, which eventually allowed him to find his ideal shot and end the bout. In defeating former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis in what was predominantly a striking battle, Holloway showed his ability to take on a high level striker using a variety of different techniques.

Whoever his next opponent is, Holloway is keen to fight him on home soil. Instead, Holloway repeatedly pulled back, made him miss, then dove back into the fray with more punches. Consequently, a new undisputed featherweight champion will be crowned on the night.

"He can really say whatever he wants", Aldo said last week. It also has the narrative, even if it has a whole lot to do with a fighter whose name isn't featured anywhere on the marquee. Eventually, the Waianae dropped Aldo to the ground, at which point the Brazilian was unable to recover. He ate harder shots from Chad Mendes a couple years back and stormed back immediately, but that wasn't the case this time around. Theyre both likeable fighters who have done well with their time in the spotlight, but neither has been able to conquer champion Joanna Jedrzecjzyk. Veteran referee "Big" John McCarthy was forced to intervene in the third round, and Bruce Buffer declared the fight a TKO win for Holloway. I want my fans to know and love me because I want to defend this.