He said he managed to get near one attacker "and I hit him around the head" with a bread basket.

Trump's response was quickly denounced online, with numerous commentators noting that he had rushed to promote his so-called "Muslim ban" before any information had been released about the nationality of the attackers, and that he had taken Khan's words of reassurance completely out of context.

The UK police will enhance security measures in the capital at mass public events in the wake of the latest terrorist attack on London Bridge, UK Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said Sunday.

The photograph appeared to show two of the suspects lying on the ground after they were shot by police, with the one in the foreground wearing an Arsenal away shirt under camouflage clothing.

Britain has seen a surge in terrorist activity recently, with three attacks in the last three months.

The attackers were shot dead by police, and 12 people have been arrested in Barking in east London.

London Ambulance Service said 48 people were taken to hospital. Three major London hospitals were on lockdown to keep patients and staff safe.

Earlier, shortly after 10pm United Kingdom time, armed police, ambulance crews, advanced paramedics and specialist response teams rushed to the scene following reports of a van colliding with pedestrians on London Bridge and stabbings in nearby Borough Market. President Donald Trump has also been briefed.

A white van is believed to have mounted the footpath at London Bridge and ploughed into dozens of people.

"It looked like he was aiming for groups of people". "I want to know if this girl is still alive".

"It was horrendous", he said.

-The Associated Press contributed to this article. People were screaming and crying.

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In eight minutes, London Metropolitan officers had arrived at Borough Market and killed three suspects, saving untold lives.

"They hit the emergency alarm".

"She can't talk. She's been stabbed around her neck, her throat". The proximity of the attacks and the timing seem to suggest they were coordinated, but police have not confirmed that.

And then he unbelievably chose to bring up a dead knives and other weapons-Vs-Guns argument inspired by the worst of Alex Jones' wildest claims as proof that the NRA is just peach and gun control activists are foolish (or what else could he have meant by bringing up the fact that no one was retarded enough to mention guns in an attack that was not perpetrated by the use of guns?).

Prime Minister Theresa May's party said there will be no national campaigning Sunday.

Former Vice President Al Gore, speaking on CNN's "State of the Union" program, said he thought Trump's tweet misrepresented what the mayor had said.

"For an officer who only joined us less than two years ago, the bravery he showed was outstanding and makes me extremely proud".

Mr Rowley added: "As the officers confronted a terrorist, a member of the public also suffered a gunshot wound".

"We were in an Uber (taxi) going towards London Bridge and suddenly we saw people running".

"There was a vehicle with a loudspeaker saying "go, go" and they (police) threw a grenade. and then I ran", he said. The attackers, wielding blades and knives, ran down a set of stairs into Borough Market, a well-known fruit and vegetable market that's also home to popular restaurants and pubs. He said a waitress was stabbed in the throat and a man was stabbed in the back.

Firstly, she said we need to deflect the "evil ideology that is a perversion of Islam" and reinforced the need to defend our superior "pluralistic British values".