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The effect of course is that the United States loses its power as a world leader each day that we are absent from these global agreements. With bilateral trade of 170 billion euros past year, China was Germany's most important trading partner, said Merkel.

Other European leaders issued more explicit appeals to the U.S. government not to abandon global measures against climate change.

The warmer EU-China relationship, partly spurred by Trump, has transpired despite a long-running EU spat with Beijing on what Europe sees as China's dumping of low-priced goods on European markets.

That also meant there could be no agreement on a formal pledge to work together to reduce global steel production.

By far the world's top steel producer, China's annual steel output is nearly double the EU's total production.

Mrs Merkel vented her frustration with Mr Trump on Sunday after what she described as unsatisfactory talks at the meeting of G7 leaders, saying Germany - and Europe - could no longer completely rely on traditional allies.

Juncker said that reflects the difficulty of doing business in China, adding about half of the companies in the European Union have expressed frustration with tapping into the Chinese market.

"A big economic powerhouse needs to be higher than mid-table", he said, adding that a planned EU-Chinese investment treaty needed to be completed to ensure reciprocal relations. Trade so far is lopsided, with Chinese investors spending five times as much on acquisitions in the European market than European companies did in China.

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China and Germany will also continue to promote trade liberalization, he added.

A senior Chinese official said China is determined to open up and reach a deal, which is seen as a forerunner to a possible future free-trade accord. We find the problems, but we are working on them. Under the Goods and Service Tax to be enforced from July 1, electric cars will get a tax rate of only 12% while other cars will be taxed at 28%.

Since taking office on January 20, Trump, who has called climate change a "hoax", has sent contradictory signals on the Paris deal.

"The agreement is fit for objective".

Automakers and industry bodies have said the targets are too tough, while German policymakers say they fear they are part of a Chinese strategy to help domestic carmakers overtake global rivals in the "green" vehicle sector.

The document highlights the dangers posed by rising temperatures, "as a national security issue and multiplying factor of social and political fragility", while pointing out that the transition to clean energy creates jobs and economic growth. He said it's time for the two economies to back up their words by moving forward to complete the investment agreement and to offer reciprocal market access.

"In short, the agreement doesn't eliminate coal jobs, it just transfers those jobs out of America and ships them to foreign countries", Trump maintained in remarks that did not once refer to the fact that the United States has historically been the world's biggest polluter with the largest carbon footprint in the global community, and the rest of the world, and the U.S. itself, has had to pay for American profligacy and addiction to hydro-carbons.