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I'm never going to defend a multi-billion dollar company, but I still will go see Wonder Woman and I'm optimistic that the character will be represented well. Her entrance to the screaming guitar in Batman v. Superman was the best moment in that film, and you'd think they'd pick the flawless moment to unleash it here. Sexist tendencies aside, the DC Extended Universe has had its own rocky start. Yet, while those two guys were celebrated with multiple media projects, Wonder Woman, even with her 1970s TV show, always seemed to live on the periphery.

I'm here to ease your fears. Her Diana is naïve without being dumb, fierce without being hateful, loveable without being sappy. That's significant because the titular character, aka Princess Diana of Themyscira aka Diana Prince (Gal Gadot), is an Amazonian. Later, the Amazons sealed themselves off from mankind, living a secluded existence in peaceful harmony. The supporting is also excellent, with Robin Wright, David Thewlis, Elena Anaya, and Connie Nielsen among the biggest highlights. As Diana grows into a full-fledged, butt-kicking warrior, her growing curiosity about the outside world is piqued when an American military spy (Chris Pine) crash lands on the island during World War I.In this era of endless aggression, fake news and alternative facts, a hero who values peace and carries a lasso that makes her adversaries tell the truth is one hell of a fantasy.

Believing that Ares has incarnated himself in Ludendorff, Diana is convinced that assassinating him will end the current conflict and prevent any future ones. Diana and Steve must stop them. Despite fighting alongside these courageous individuals, it doesn't take Diana long to learn that we mortals are more than capable of destroying one another on our own, with or without the influence of the gods.

"Wonder Woman continues to be a symbol of female empowerment, breaking through stereotypes pervasive in comic books, gaming, and pop culture", Google wrote in an announcement on its blog. "I really want you all to embrace this".

Almost 40 years after Superman was given his first blockbuster film, Wonder Woman has finally arrived. Matthew Jensen's Cinematography and Rupert Gregson-Williams score add the obvious emotional boosters that enrich the viewing experience. For example, Wonder Woman is played by a gorgeous model. This isn't just the best DC Films Universe movie, it may very well be the best DC Comics adaptation to date. These sequences - which take Diana from the streets of London (replete with lessons in women's fashion and social standing, which are hilarious and a bit cutting) to wartorn Belgium - are the best moments in the film.

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What makes Wonder Woman a stand out from the other DC Comics franchise attempts is its ability to balance storytelling with action.

Let's hope DC gets it right again with the Justice League.

He said: "Basically my job was falling in love with the attractive Gal and trying to make her giggle".

The film contains frequent stylized violence with minimal blood, nonscriptural religious ideas, implied premarital sexual activity, a scene of immodest behavior, some sexual humor, at least one mild oath and a single crass term. It is she who shoulders the film and takes it to great heights.