KXIP vs KKR Live Score

The next game will be on Thursday, and the finale on Saturday.

The program's margin of victory tendencies weren't exposed during its highly publicized matches against South Korean grandmaster Lee Sedol a year ago because all of those games ended in one player resigning before scores were counted.

AlphaGo was originally developed by Deepmind, a British startup, which was acquired by Google in 2014.

Unlike Lee Sedol, who didn't really know what to expect from AlphaGo, Ke Jie was more prepared for this match. Hardcore Go fans, however, managed to tune into the contest through side channels for Chinese audiences that updated virtual game boards with the players' latest moves.

Yet the rematch between the world champion in the ancient strategy game of Go, Ke Jie of China, and artificial-intelligence player AlphaGo also offered Alphabet Inc.'s Google, the machine's owner, the chance to raise its profile in China seven years after it abandoned its search business here. It now learns the game nearly entirely from playing against itself, relying less on data generated by humans.

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Computer programmes have previously beaten humans in cerebral contests, starting with IBM's Deep Blue defeating chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1997. Then came AlphaGo's victory over Lee. "Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether AlphaGo wins or loses ... either way, humanity wins".

"I was deeply impressed", Ke Jie said through an interpreter to Technology Review. Nonetheless, even though the final results were not that different, AlphaGo seemed to have a head start from the beginning of the game. Nevertheless, Ke agreed in April to face AlphaGo this week in Wuzhen. When AlphaGo was declared the victor, Ke had 13 minutes and 17 seconds left on his clock. "He should have used his time in the early part of the game". "Clearly, there remains much more to learn from this partnership between Go's best human players and its most creative AI competitor". Jie and Go are only one game through a three-game match this week, but the first game was a pretty big sign that not only is AlphaGo a skillful player, it is learning how to improve in ways that transcend human intelligence. After all, Ke had defeated Lee several times himself. The current competition with Ke Jie is seen as the ultimate test for DeepMind's AI.

By and large, however, net users have rallied with support for Ke, calling him "a hero" regardless of the outcome.

Hassabis said during yesterday's post-match press conference that the DeepMind team was excited to see some of choices Ke Jie made during the game, as they were interested in seeing how AlphaGo would react to playing against its own strategies. According to a WIRED report, A.I. researchers initially speculated that it would take years before AlphaGo would be able to compete and defeat a human grandmaster.