India's cyber security agency CERT has issued a red alert advising internet users in the country to update their Windows systems to the latest version and encouraged users not to pay the ransom as this does not guarantee files will be released.

"We have been strengthening our cyber security and I can proudly say that the recent cyber-attack had almost zero per cent impact in India", he said.

A United Kingdom -based security researcher who goes by the name MalwareTech put a stop to the spread of WannaCry on Friday by registering a domain name he discovered in the ransomware's code.

This time, though, Microsoft believes others should share responsibility for the attack, an assault that targeted flaws in the Windows operating system. After talking to Microsoft, we had asked people to install patch system in March.

Despite warnings from security experts, healthcare breaches continue to occur, signalling a huge risk to delivery of care and patient data. There was, however, no patch for operating systems Microsoft is no longer supporting, such as Windows XP or 2003, and for the thousands of devices still running these, there was no hope. The hacking tool at work was originally developed by the U.S. National Security Agency, before it leaked online earlier this year.

On Monday, a Microsoft spokesman declined to comment beyond Smith's post.

While speaking to media, Subhamangala, Cyber Security expert said that so far there are so many states which has been affected with this malware.

The NSA and other intelligence services generally aim to balance disclosing software flaws they unearth against keeping them secret for espionage and cyber warfare purposes.

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In the event, a security researcher found what turned out to be a kill switch in the ransomware, nearly by accident saving the day, with the number of infections decreasing dramatically since the weekend.

So if an employee accidentally infects one computer with something like WannaCry, it could take down an entire firm's infrastructure.

There are a number of tools publicly available to limit the spread and the impact of further cyber security attacks.

WannaCry Ransomware has infected 2, 00,000 computers over 150 countries globally with India ranked as third worst hit nation.

However, a bug in WannaCry code means the attackers can not use unique bitcoin addresses to track payments, security researchers at Symantec found this week.

In Gujarat RTO office around 100 computers were infected by the ransomware, 18 police departments in Andhra Pradesh, Computers in Kerala and Electricity department in West Bengal were hit by the ransomware.

The pace of WannaCry slowed late on Friday, after the so-called "ransomware" locked up more than 100,000 computers, demanding owners pay to $300 to $600 get their data back.

"The same things are causing the same problems". "If we did stop it, there's like a hundred percent chance they're going to fire up a new sample and start that one again", he told the Daily Beast.