"This is not about who wins and who loses in the local elections, it is about continuing to fight for the best Brexit deal for families and businesses across the United Kingdom to lock in the progress we've made and get on with the job of making a success of the years ahead".

The Conservatives appear to have been the main beneficiaries of a decline in support for UKIP.

In West Norfolk - the Conservatives cntinued the county and national trend - winning all but two of the borough's 14 seats.

Many of the Tory council gains - which include areas such as Derbyshire, East Sussex, Norfolk, Gloucestershire, Isle of Wight, Lincolnshire, Warwickshire and Monmouthshire - came at the expense of UKIP, whose vote has collapsed.

UKIP had failed to win any seats, a net loss of 64, while the Greens had picked up 15, a net gain of seven.

For Ukip, it was an unqualified disaster, which could herald the end of the anti-EU party, which now has no MPs and a handful of councillors and will have no MEPs after Brexit. They polled over 10,000 votes and gained five seats from Labour.

Ukip's poor result was significant, as it is the first major election since the Brexit referendum.

Conservatives also achieved shock victories in elections for regional mayors in the West Midlands and Teesside, as well as in the West of England.

In fact, Jeremy Corbyn has said the party faces a challenge on a "historic scale" if it is to regain power in the General Election on June 8.

If Labour is looking for any good news to cling to, the BBC's election guru John Curtice has said today's figures suggest a national vote share of 38% for the Conservatives, versus 27% for Labour and 18% for Liberal Democrats - not quite the wipeout for Labour some polls have indicated.

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"Former Liberal Democrat voters are coming back, I think there is some evidence - because of Jeremy Corbyn's very feeble leadership - we are seeing Labour voters coming over to us as well".

The party even lost control of the city council in Glasgow, Scotland's biggest city and once the staunchest of Labour strongholds.

Elsewhere, Ed Colman took Swaffham for the Conservatives, defeating UKIP's Paul Smyth.

And they only lost out on Northumberland County Council because of drawing straws.

They'd got what they wanted after all, and never really got into the mind-numbing business of council agendas and meetings and responsibility.

Defence secretary Michael Fallon, the Conservatives' most accomplished media performer, toured the broadcast studios early on Friday morning.

As Conservatives know well, you can't rely on the voters to do everything you want.

He also spoke to Cllr Judith Grajewski Hampshire County Council, Con, Jonathan Bacon Former Council Leader and Cllr Louise Goldsmith West Sussex County Council, Con.

The upshot from the local election results?