Clark also appeared to be doing her best to woo the Green Party supporters and its three members of the legislature, including leader Andrew Weaver.

"It's now clearly marked out in the legislature and the challenge will be for whoever forms the next government to bridge that gap".

The results could change with 176,104 absentee ballots still to come and the NDP's Ronna-Rae Leonard clinging to a nine-vote lead over Liberal Jim Benninger in Courtenay-Comox. If there are sufficient absentee votes to change the outcome in either Courtenay/Comox or Maple Ridge/Mission, the Liberals could obtain the 44 seats necessary for a majority.

Three strong personalities - the leaders of the provincial Liberals, the NDP and the Greens - battled it out on the campaign trail but will now have to figure out who will work with whom.

With Green Candidates claiming larger vote counts than expected in a number of ridings across the province, Olsen added, "I think it' going to be a wake up call for the other two parties".

"I let them go with it", said teacher-librarian Kae Solomon, who organized the mock election at Lyndhurst.

While still short of the four seats needed for official party status, Weaver was pleased with the "first ever Green elected caucus in North America".

For now, though, we wait for the final count later this month.

Weaver said negotiations on what his party's role would be would begin Wednesday.

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Campaign financing and electoral reform is one policy that aligns with NDP policy. If they defeat the Liberals shortly after the election, they may want to establish some kind of agreement where through which they can govern (either in coalition or as NDP minority with Green support). The timing of that potential drama remains uncertain; the legislature is not now scheduled to sit again until October, and MLAs can't test their confidence in the government until they sit.

BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark handily won her West Kelowna riding over the NDP's Shelly Cook with 60% of the vote during Tuesday's BC Election. Supporting minority governments is usually perilous for the smaller parties, he said.

"A result like this will lead the Interior hanging economically perhaps but with a minority, another election is probably two years away at the outside, and winning a majority going forward will have to mean looking behind the Lower Mainland ridings".

Do the Greens stand to gain more by associating with the Liberals or NDP?

Also out are Liberal cabinet ministers Suzanne Anton and Amrik Virk.

"The Prime Minister has been clear that you wouldn't get a serious climate plan with a price on pollution without pipelines, and you wouldn't get pipelines without a price on pollution", she said linking a carbon tax to improving oil transportation.

Cameron says in some cases where the NDP lost and the Green vote could filled the gap, like Columbia River-Revelstoke, the story isn't really the Greens.

The potential minority situation has Premier Christy Clark talking up how much she values the Greens, who until now, had been essentially a fringe party with a single MLA.

Weaver heralded the breakthrough of his candidates on Vancouver Island. The NDP had only a 0.48 per cent increase in popular votes over 2013.