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Pair that with Melissa McCarthy's imminent Saturday Night Live-among more rumors that the White House might be shopping for Spicer's replacement-and you'll see it's just not his week.

Kadonaga says she figured a few people might get a laugh out of it and was "shocked" to soon find her Spicer in the bush cutout trending on sites such as Twitter as well as appearing in mainstream media across North America and beyond. "He's trying to blend in with his surroundings". It's not every day the spiciest man in political press relations backs himself into to such an irresistibly meme-able corner. But he spends almost half his time contradicting things that he or other members of his administration have just said.

The New York Times reported Friday, citing unnamed senior aides, that Trump is considering a "broad shake-up" of his staff.

Melissa McCarthy returned to Saturday Night Live as host this weekend for the fifth time - and she also reprised her fan-favorite impersonation of White House press secretary Sean Spicer to poke fun at the recent firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey and Spicer's alleged hiding behind a bush during the ensuing press conference.

Finally, a reporter asked McCarthy's Spicer if she thought Trump would fire her next. Starting with Spicer's claim that the media inaccurately portrayed the size of Trump's inauguration audience, there have been questions about whether the administration is knowingly providing inaccurate information.

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One reporter then asked Spicer that if Trump is such a good friend, why is everyone saying that Trump is about to replace Spicer with Sanders? "Even the New York Times printed a photograph showing a misrepresentation of the crowd in the original tweet in their paper, which showed the full extent of the support, depth in crowd, and intensity that existed", Spicer had said.

When journalists queried my ambassador, Tony Gillespie, about the report he asked a key question: "What does my public affairs officer (that would be me) say?" He initially refuses because he's married, but when Trump reassures him that it's fine because he's famous, they lock lips. Later, Trump again shifted his rhetoric, saying that he had already made a decision to fire Comey before he got Rosenstein's memo.

But "SNL" also showed us how comedy can be nuanced enough to still remind us of who Trump truly is.

In the Fox interview, Trump seemed to herald his own work ethic. Has he been lying to Spicer?

The show began with Alec Baldwin reprising his piercing impersonation of President Donald Trump. "Trump" responded by asking "Spicer" to kiss him, to which he responded, "I can't - I have a wife and took vows". Then we're treated to a truly horrifying make out session.