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The true value of a mother is found in the children they rear, not in a spotless house or a good meal, though those are nice to have and teach valuable skills and self-respect to children. Write it in a card or on a note or simply tell her. She made it look so easy.

Neha adds, "I will enter the kitchen only to bake a cake for my mother and mother-in-law". Of course father has also a hand in making you a human but mother is the one who can build up your character. "I can't. I just can't". If problems occur they are the strongest person to hold back and we can always rely on them; help us when we are undergoing certain emotional or physical problems along the way in the challenges of life. I remember how I felt to carry the full weight of motherhood on my shoulders.

To those who still have their mothers around, take the time to make this Mother's Day special. They say they would be happy just to have their children visit and spend time with them. Whatever we provide our children, there is nothing more important than the truths that remind us that we are to live our lives for his glory. How could I ever stop stressing? And I'll love every minute of it. I did my best-and still do. "We might go out for dinner as well, but we will definitely not enter the kitchen the whole day", says Richa. Those days will have their share of laughter and tears. Never mind when your children tell you, "Leave the dishes today Mom it is your day you shouldn't be working". You matter. Smile through the chaos. However money doesn't buy love so if you can't afford a spectacular gift to celebrate your mom here is your guide to how to make Mother's Day great for her. You don't have to ideal, but you can be perfectly you.

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Not forgetting to celebrate Mother's Day every second Sunday of May is great and celebrating it twice because you were too excited is better, but it would be truly awesome if we didn't need to celebrate Mother's Day because we don't forget to do the little things that make our moms feel special every day. She worked tirelessly for other people; long, hard hours away from family and friends because she was determined to create a path to success for those she loved most. But let's also be thankful for all the stepmoms, grandmothers, wives and surrogate moms who love and care for those who need mothering. This way you can give her a collection of some of the most handsome memories of her life. She was not overtly religious and didn't attend church, but I thought I would give it a shot. You are an absolute blessing.

There are numerous wonderful women who I can call and wish Happy Mother's Day and I think I will this weekend.