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That's exactly what happened. If so, actually reconsidering THAAD would go a long way, since Beijing has been furious with Seoul for allowing it. He will send a delegation to Beijing to discuss both North Korea and Thaad.

Moon Jae-In was sworn in on Wednesday as South Korea's new president, barely a day after his landslide election victory. The usual circumstances of the election and immediate transition into office meant Moon inherited several officials from Park's government, and he has moved quickly to replace them.

World leaders offered congratulations to the new South Korean president.

Moon understands this by promising "to improve transparency in government appointments and strengthen regulations on the conglomerates that dominate corporate South Korea".

China has also denied it is doing anything to retaliate against South Korean businesses.

How This Will Affect the U.S.


The two sides agreed on the importance of denuclearizing the peninsula.

Controversy over a USA anti-missile defense system, which was recently implemented in Korean peninsula, has caused for skepticism from China, whose leaders say the system threatens the security of their country as well.

According to the report, Chinese state-run news outlet Global Times had stated last week that the army planned to deploy a Dongfeng-41 missile, which has a range of 8.700 miles, in response to the installation of a THAAD system in South Korea in mid-April.

They are lukewarm about the deployment of the US ABM system in South Korea and they would foster friendly ties with China.

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Xi told Moon South Korea and China should respect each other's concerns, set aside differences, seek common ground and handle disputes appropriately, China's foreign ministry said in a statement.

Moon has called for a renegotiation of the pact. "The alliance is more important than ever, given the rising uncertainty surrounding the Korean Peninsula".

Echoing the United States' line, Moon also suggested that China, the North's sole major ally and its economic lifeline should do more to tame Pyongyang, saying "solving the THAAD problem would be easier if there was no more provocation by the North".

Despite Kim Jong-un showing his strength, Moon wants to soften the tone with the communist kingdom.

The statement said the test was conducted in accordance with the annual training plan to "raise the operational capability of the armed forces and effectively respond to threats to national security". If needed, I will fly straight to Washington.

He also said he was prepared to go to Pyongyang "if the conditions are right".

Ahead of the swearing-in, Mr Moon met leading lawmakers of Ms Park's Liberty Korea party - which has accused him of being a Pyongyang sympathiser - to "beg" for their cooperation.

Chosun Sinbo says Moon Jae-in's victory shows the "Power of Candles Brings Change in Administrations " The Choson Sinbo, a newspaper published by the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) that represents the North Korean position, reported on May 10 on Moon Jae-in's election as President of South Korea.

Trump and Moon agreed to continue to work toward strengthening relations between the two countries.