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The Liberal candidate in Courtenay-Comox lost by nine votes after advance and general ballots were counted on Tuesday, leaving the party with one seat short of the 44 needed to mount their fifth straight majority government. At least 5 fewer Liberals will take a seat in the legislature and the party's share of the vote dropped almost 4% province wide.But not all Liberals suffered a drop in popularity.

The final count will take place between May 22 and 24 and includes votes cast by voters outside of their electoral district, in a district electoral office or by mail. "They voted for action on climate change, and they voted for an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top".

Clark is still premier, after B.C.'s lieutenant-governor asked her on Wednesday to form a government, albeit a minority one.

If elected, the NDP promises to hold a provincial referendum on adopting a system of proportional representation.

Opposition leader John Horgan, appearing moments later at his election party down the block in Vancouver, declared: "A majority of British Columbians voted for a new government and I believe that is what they deserve".

"In eight other ridings, it looks to me like the increase in Green vote share came disproportionately from the Liberals and allowed the NDP to win when they arguably wouldn't have otherwise".

With three seats, the Green party holds the balance of power in the legislature - a remarkable position for Weaver after becoming the first Green elected four years ago.

He said his party, and his campaign, had a plan and a message that was stuck to and seemed to resonate on the doorsteps in the riding during the campaign. That is less than half the number of seats, which means that unless more seats are added through absentee vote counts and recounts, the Liberals will have a minority government. But Horgan would not make a commitment to working with the Green leader in a minority government.

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Milligan says it's not clear what about absentee voting favours the NDP, but says he has some theories. That could change after absentee ballots and judicial recounts in certain districts are tallied later this month.

There were plenty of smiles and laughter early on at Liberal headquarters as the party took an early lead, but the mood became more tense as the evening progressed and the NDP began to catch up. But one thing he said he wouldn't compromise on - a ban on corporate and union contributions to political parties.

"We don't have experience in Canada with the Greens holding the balance of power, so we just don't know what will happen", said Nelson Wiseman, political science professor at the University of Toronto.

Or it could be a B.C. Liberal MLA missing a confidence vote for the government to be defeated.

Further on during the panel, Johnston noted that it is easier to imagine an alliance between the NDP and the Greens due to the rather polarizing policy differences between the Greens and the BC Liberals. Forty-one percent of Liberal candidates were women, compared to 50 per cent for the NDP and 37 per cent for the Green Party. Supporting minority governments is usually perilous for the smaller parties, he said.

Even after it was corrected, the claim raced through social media for days, fuelled by the fury of NDP supporters at the thought of the Greens propping up Clark.

Political newcomer Mitzi Dean, while clearly helped by the electoral track record of NDP predecessor Maurine Karagianis, has to be given full credit for handily defeating well-known Liberal candidate Barb Desjardins for the Esquimalt-Metchosin seat.