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"But definitely, we're getting the help of everybody here", Duterte said.

"The Philippine president has gone on record claiming that he perpetrated homicide when in a previous capacity he launched a campaign against those involved allegedly in the drug trade", he said to reporters in Geneva.

A White House statement described the discussions between the Philippines and US presidents as "very friendly". On Saturday, Trump phoned Duterte to discuss the same issue. Chris Coons, a Democrat from DE, in a written statement. "I mean, this man has actually shot people in extrajudicial killings himself".

The compliment to the Philippines leader came from the White House on Saturday after Trump and Duterte spoke by phone.

Facing outcry over the fact that the president would invite a murderous, sociopathic thug to meet with the U.S. president, his chief of staff Reince Priebus said, allegedly with a straight face, that it was necessary for Trump to meet with Duterte in order to more effectively deal with North Korea.

Duterte came to office in June a year ago promising to tackle drug trafficking by repeating the hardline police tactics he had employed as mayor of the city of Davao.

"Like so much else under President Trump, though, this idea has now been turned on its head and people are anxious about the very survival of the values on which America built its reputation and helped construct an entire global system, including the United Nations".

"This is classic Duterte where the personal becomes public policy", said De Lima who has been detained for her alleged drug links.

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He once declared he would not go to the U.S., "not in this lifetime" and recalled telling an American diplomat: "Even if you grant me a multiple lifetime visa and give me US$50,000 (S$70,000), I will not go there any more".

In December, Duterte released a statement saying Trump had told him he was conducting his war on drugs "the right way". "If he comes to the White House, that's fine".

Trump has been all over the map on North Korea in recent days.

The bipartisan legislation is aimed at thwarting North Korea's ambitions by cutting off access to the cash the regime needs to follow through with its plans.

North Korea is known to be one of the world's worst human rights violators, holding an estimated 80,000 to 120,000 political prisoners in large prison camps, according to a 2014 report by a United Nations commission of inquiry. "We have got to be on the same page". Glasser asks. "It's awesome that 100 days into the presidency we haven't answered those questions here in the United States, and I don't think his global interlocutors have either". But clearly human rights are not a priority. The White House statement included no criticism of Duterte's methods.

The White House defended the invitation as Trump tries to build support in Asia to rein in North Korea, but on Monday, Duterte told The New York Times that he had a busy schedule and "cannot make any definite promise".

Regional analysts Monday questioned the role the Philippines might be able to play in any effort to put military pressure on Pyongyang. But Sunday, on CBS's Face the Nation, when the U.S. leader was asked whether he'd consider military action against North Korea he replied: "I don't know". "U.S. forces in Japan and South Korea, and Japan's own self-defense forces, are key". The U.S. government has ordered the deployment of an advanced anti-missile system to South Korea.