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"We want to give our dairy farmers all the advantages they need in order to compete". After their sole milk buyer, Grassland Dairy, dropped them due to changes in Canadian policy that decreased the demand for US milk, they face having to sell their 100 milking cows and shut down the business that's been in the family since 1973 if they can't find a new buyer by the end of the month.

Trotter said it has been a tumultuous spring for dairy, a time when milk production is high.

There are many meetings still planned, Jennifer Sauer said, "but we are still sitting on the edge of our seat".

The mission of the "America's Dairyland" social media series is to highlight the faces that represent Wisconsin's dynamic dairy industry. Inventories are heavy. Some contacts anticipate softening butter prices in the near future however others see support coming from firm global butter prices and greater use of cream in ice cream and other Class II dairy products.

President Trump has our supply-management in his NAFTA burning cross hairs, and so finally, after years of our self-serving rulers defending this unethical, unhelpful practice, Canadians might actually have the chance to cow-kick this policy once and for all. We hope Cuomo, Schumer and Trump realize protecting a valued relationship with Mexico is just as important to the state's dairy industry. "It was only yesterday that we had an agriculture secretary in place, and we still don't have a U.S. Trade Representative in place", Baldwin said.

With the United States now exporting 14% to 16% of its production, what happens in Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Europe and China has a huge impact on milk prices in NY and California and every point in between.

Farm groups are rallying to find buyers for the displaced milk. President Donald Trump also weighed in, telling an audience in Kenosha last week that "in Canada some very unfair things have happened to our dairy farmers and others".

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A spokesperson for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) said they were aware of DFA working on agreements with some of the affected farmers. Johnson has been in the dairy business since 1979 and spent the past several years working on a plan to have his son Paul take over the farm some day. "It's a disgrace", said Trump.

Officials at the state level have responded by offering improved loan guarantees to dairy farms and processors, a chance Walker's administration announced on Monday. We will not stand for this. "That is not an option", she said.

A Waterloo dairy farmer was still searching for a milk producer earlier this week as the deadline approaches for the cancellation of an agreement with Grassland Dairy Products. I think most of us knew that it would come down to the final hour.

Trump has also floated pulling out of the North American Free Trade Agreement, a sweeping free trade agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico.

He said in the letter Canada upholds its worldwide trade obligations, and has not imposed any duties or taxes for milk protein substances, nor has it taken any broader action to limit imports from the U.S. "We need to make a serious analysis of the rules of the game on dairy when it comes to Canada". Like their US counterparts, Canadian farmers are trying to adapt.

Because U.S. dairy farms continue to expand and push for ever greater production, at some point, (now) there is no room in market, the market is saturated and farmers will suffer. These products are "the barometer for what's going on in world markets", said Ben Laine, an economist at CoBank Acb. It means thousands and thousands of dairy cows in huge complexes, each one jammed into a box barely bigger than their body, being rather brutally milked by machine. Canadians have faulted the USA for producing too much milk. We're about to see an entire industry filled with dedicated workers on alert.