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Donald Trump has claimed his administration "will not stand" for Canada making business tough for USA dairy farmers in border states. "Let me think about it", Trump said.

His comments seem to refer to a policy change that affected milk classes in the existing supply management.

But the surge in imports from the European Union could signal a changing dairy landscape. In May 2016, the Canadian Dairy Commission modified the 4M milk class to enable all its processors to buy a liquid, high-protein concentrate used in the manufacturing of cheese and yogurt, instead of imported milk protein concentrates - known as MPCs or ultra-filtered milk - effectively displacing imports. After their sole milk buyer, Grassland Dairy, dropped them due to changes in Canadian policy that decreased the demand for USA milk.

"I am disappointed that the representatives of the Canadian government have not demonstrated the sense of urgency that we in Wisconsin feel about the crisis impacting so many of our local dairy farms", Fitzgerald said.

An April report on foreign trade barriers from the American government mentions the new class as a concern.

Canada sends 75 percent of all its exports to the United States.

Aside from liking his peers, he acknowledged a more substantive reason for keeping his finger off the trigger: economic disruption.

There are many meetings still planned, Jennifer Sauer said, "but we are still sitting on the edge of our seat".

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The letter details Canadian trade practices that "may violate Canada's existing trade commitments to the United States by effectively discouraging US dairy exports to Canada". American farmers would be hit hard too.

"U.S. dairy companies and the workers they employ across rural America compete in global markets on a daily basis". "They like Trump, but I like them, and I'm going to help them". Minerva Dairy argues the ban is an anti-competitive restriction that protects Wisconsin dairies while blocking sales from other states.

Hours later is was announced that the 3 nations, Canada, Mexico and the United States had agreed to renegotiate NAFTA.

Staff members at the Wisconsin Farm Center are trying to connect dairy plant owners with the farms threatened by closure. "You saw that, you wrote about it", Trump said. It removed tariffs and allows a free flow of goods between the United States, Canada and Mexico. Under NAFTA's article 2205, this would have triggered a six-month countdown, after which the US would have had the option of leaving the deal at any time. Every year somebody tries to export something into Canada, Canada tries to find a way to undermine those exports from the U.S. This can not continue.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada is not the challenge.

Ottawa needs to redouble its efforts to maintain good relationships with American legislators in the wake of this week's events, added Brown.

"It will devastate the economy in my state", McCain said.

Upon news earlier Wednesday that the Trump administration was considering a withdrawal from the agreement, some Republicans urged caution. The president, for example, said that given the current $61 billion annual trade deficit with Mexico, the United States would be better off if the two countries did not trade at all, saying "You'll save yourself a hell of a lot of money".