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Per a fresh report from Nikkei Asian Review, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) suppliers tasked with producing components for the company's upcoming OLED iPhone 8 "has hit a snag as suppliers struggle to ideal key components including display, wireless charging and printed circuit boards". No Touch-ID button can be found in this schematic.

Though wireless charging on an iPhone is still mostly a rumor, it's clear that Apple has given some major thought to powering your devices sans-fil.

Apple bid farewell to the 3.5 mm headphone port on the iPhone 7 previous year, ostensibly to allow the company to make a thinner phone with more valuable internal space for other technology (cough! accessories!).

Rumours that Apple was working on a long-distance charging method for its new flagship phone, expected in September, first surfaced late past year. New major upgrades can only help attract smartphone buyers who have more options than ever before (and were becoming bored with the iPhone) and boost Apple's rep for innovation, which is now seen as snoozy. For such a high price, one can expect the iPhone 8 to feature game-changing improvements as well. However, the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are still on track to launch in September.

Would the addition of wireless charging push you towards an iPhone 8 purchase? Cook suggests that Apple is very much committed to augmented reality, and it seems unlikely that the CEO of the company would have let this cat out of the bag if it was not to be imminently reflected in the Apple product range.

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The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus combined to account for 68% of total iPhone sales in the US last quarter, new data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) shows (PDF).

Alternatively, Apple could also go for another Touch ID solution or some facial recognition feature.

Like conventional wireless charging techniques, Apple's design requires two devices -a transmitter and receiver -to function.

It's clear that Apple is packing all the innovative technologies that it can into the new OLED iPhone.

Business Korea reports that Apple will actually begin mass production of micro-LED for the next-generation Apple Watch in Taiwan at the end of the year. Over the past few weeks, rumors and speculations about the device's design and features have been surfacing online.

Theoretically, the proposal opens the door to wire-free charging from in-home Wi-Fi routers to cellular nodes and even satellite signals.