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Whether it passed fast or slow depends on your perspective.

In an ideal world, a second attempt would succeed this week before Trump's 100th day in office, providing him with a concrete legislative achievement during the first three months of his presidency.

Trump voters returned a 94-4 yes judgement.

Cleaning up corruption in Washington D.C. But the 100-day construct abides, fueled both by journalists eager for a yardstick to measure a new administration and by presidents themselves, who lay out 100-day plans as candidates and nearly unfailingly fall short. This is how, in April 1993, the Times described the first 100 days of Bill Clinton's presidency.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly says Trump "will be insistent".

For instance, during his campaign, Trump talked tough on trade, vowing to slap punitive tariffs on companies that move production offshore and on countries that undercut USA goods. "I think we've laid a foundation for some serious change in Washington - first of all, a change of attitude".

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If that's what Trump proposes, expect big pushback from pass-through entities, which make up the majority of USA businesses. "Unlike his predecessors, Trump had no "honeymoon, ' with the media and the Democratic opposition - a.k.a. 'Resistance" - determined to maintain a bitter antagonism from the very first day".

On domestic matters, Trump has received the most applause for nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court; Gorsuch was confirmed by the Senate after a partisan fight. Trump, on the other hand, has seemed to struggle to get the ball rolling on most of his proposed policies. Politifact credits several factors, but says Trump's rhetoric has played a role in that drop.

Priebus also declined to say that Trump would veto a bill that didn't include wall funding. As our colleague wrote, some GOP leaders have voiced skepticism about including wall funding in the stopgap bill - Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., for example, told rank-and-file Republicans on Saturday that his top priority was passing a measure to keep the government open. Companies have submitted designs and construction bids and early prototypes are slated to be built in San Diego County. He is set to sign a series of executive orders on energy on Friday. He presented Congress with the most consequential tax, spending and government-overhaul plan it had seen in decades, a comprehensive package that exceeds in scope anything Trump has brought forward, including his first run at health care. He agrees with the strike and sanctions against Syria. He also tried twice to institute a travel ban.

A Democratic Party in the gravitational pull of a Progressive black hole is not, apparently, playing very well out in the American countryside. "Every presidential candidate hates executive orders, but every president loves them, and the party in power in the White House loves them and then becomes their staunchest critics as soon as they're out of the White House". He has also said: "It's my intention to leave Social Security the way it is - not increase the age and to leave it as is". And like past presidents, respondents are split on whether Trump is keeping his promises.

How's all that going over with some prominent Americans? The context, he added, "is it's 100 days, and you've got four years in your first term and eight years for two terms".