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United States lawmakers and the White House braced for a hectic coming week in Washington, with Republicans readying new legislation to repeal Obamacare as Donald Trump seeks a victory to cap his 100th day as president.

Contact President Trump and your US senators and representative to tell them the irresponsible way the Republicans are approaching health care reform is doing irreparable harm to the current health care system by throwing it into a state of chaos and uncertainty, the costs for which the Republicans will be held accountable. We'll see what happens, but this is a great bill.

House Republicans were told on a conference call Saturday that an agreement was nearing between conservatives and moderates on legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Members are waiting to review legislative text for the proposal, and a vote could come midweek after members return to Washington on Tuesday. It did not, however, change the thinking of many House Republicans, who continue to believe individuals should be held financially liable for a genetic predisposition toward diabetes or a random cellular mutation that leads to cancer. "And if the House at least can get its ducks in a row to vote this week on health care that can get done as well".

Schumer and others see the pledge as both leverage against Trump and a way to protect Americans from a president who wants to profit off his office. If they fail to come together on the measure, it will make health-care reform exponentially more hard since the reconciliation bill allows them to pass the measure with just a simple majority in the Senate. But members say their leadership was short on specifics during a private conference call with Republican members Saturday in part because of fear that the call could be leaked. The White House are still uncertain over the "border adjustment tax" proposal, put forth by the House Speaker Paul Ryan - in other words, Trump and his advisors are still considering the possible pros and cons of hiking imports tariffs.

For example, if an insurance company doesn't want to provide coverage in a state that requires more benefits, they could pull out of their local marketplace and sell insurance in states where the requirements are less strict, Eibner said. "It allows the states to opt out of the (regulations) to bring down the price". This means that people are charged the same rate regardless of different factors like health status. According to CNBC, a member of the Freedom Caucus said the amendment would change the AHCA enough to gain the support of 18 to 20 new "yes" votes from his group.

Ryan said details of a spending bill deal would be unveiled when House members arrive back in Washington on Tuesday after their two-week spring recess. "We don't like those very much, but we have offered to open the discussions to give the Democrats something they want in order to get something we want".

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"I'm not going to be for a plan that's going to allow for preexisting conditions to not be covered", he told CNN.

Yet GOP lawmakers and aides to party leaders, conservatives and moderates alike were skeptical that the House would vote next week on the health legislation.

But some Republicans in Congress - even those who supported an earlier Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act - are apprehensive about the new effort to adopt the waivers.

All this matters because Republicans likely will have to work with Democrats to avoid another government shutdown. He dismissed the symbolism of the 100-day mark - despite his repeated promises on the campaign trail that he would meet many of his goals by that date.

Meanwhile, Congress has five working days until government funding expires.

Ahead of next Saturday's first-100-days milestone, the president wants to ram through his second attempt at an Obamacare repeal, avert a government shutdown, and score new funds for a border wall and immigration enforcement agents in a Congressional spending bill.