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Saturday 22 April is Record Store Day, when music lovers up and down the country will be enticed to spend their cash on limited-edition vinyl from their favourite artists.

Kurtz said he has faith in this industry surviving in a digital age as, according to Thomas, vinyl is re-gaining popularity with college students.

"The first year we only had a few (special releases)".

Nardone believes there's something for everybody.

"Buy real records in real shops, or I'll come round your house and scream at your mother", Gillian famously said in support of independent record stores. The morning and night feature vinyl DJs.

We're just one day away from Record Store Day 2017 and with hundreds of albums being released, it may be tough to choose which ones to buy. He said the event always creates a great atmosphere in the store. And that gratifying spirit of the listening party, and the love of music, takes flight each spring via Record Store Day. As the Dave's Records website boasts: "The sign on the door says it all - NO CDs!" "But the more it inspires people to do their own local label, local band day and expand from there, the healthier music as a whole will be".

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"People see how much fun it is to shop for music in this old fashioned format of actually going into a store and you can flip through and look at things, talk to other people, oh you like that record?"

"We expect a line around the block before we open", said American Dream Hi Fi owner Mike Wilson.

Calling it an "excuse to throw one of the biggest parties of the year" at the store, Record Store Day will be celebrated at both Guestroom locations, 3701 N. Western Ave., and 125 E. Main Street in Norman. "Everything is super limited, so people like to get there early to make sure they get their hands on that piece that they're looking to track down this year", Stockinger said. "It's a lot better than the last two years".

Sweet Melissa Records is joining independent record stores throughout the world today by participating in the 10th annual Record Store Day - a time set aside for those who prefer yesterday's vinyl to today's downloads.

Biafra, who now heads punk band Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, also owns and operates the independent record label Alternative Tentacles, which was founded in 1979. This year's event in Niagara coincides with the demise of the region's last chain music store, HMV at the Pen Centre, though the return of Sunrise Records will soon occupy the space.