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Natural Treasures sits within the new Voyager feature of Google Earth which launches today.

As it is expected, this new version of Google Maps app on iOS with build number 4.30.0 is offering a set of new things to try on. Simply click the die icon you see in the left sidebar to be taken to a random location on Earth. If you are looking to discover new locations for your next trip - Voyager is all you need. That info is usually provided on Google's Knowledge Cards, which you'll be familiar with if you've ever used Maps.

For the interactive guided tours under the new Google Earth's "Voyager" section, Google has collaborated with scientists, nonprofits and leading storytellers "to bring the planet to life". Currently, Google has divided the tours into five subsections: editor's picks, travel, nature, culture and history. It's similar to what you can do via check-in platforms like Yelp and Swarm (and Facebook, even), but Timeline for Google Maps doesn't require a check-in action.

Now the new Google Earth has been made available on all desktops, Chrome; and Android as it rolls out this week.

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Members of the press have received invitations to a "first look" at the new Google Earth, which will take place later on Tuesday at New York's Whitney Museum of Art.

This new and improved version of Google Earth is already out for the users of Google Chrome and Android devices. So if you rely on Google Maps to get you around, you should go grab this update from the App Store now.

The redesigned Google Earth includes a new 3D button, which allows users to view sites from any angle. And just in time for Earth Day, Google is giving it a major upgrade. It is now available for Android and Chrome users. Google Earth is also highlighting around 20,000 lesser-known destinations - the kinds of places locals might frequent or know about.

Internet users will be able to take in sweeping 360° views of the jungle or explore the intricacies of hidden cities all over the planet in 3D from the comfort of their own home with the new Google Earth. Of course, you can still explore unknown locations by pointing at a spot on the globe and zooming in, if you want.