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From its first episode, Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow's creation always played with numerous traditional sitcom tropes of TV past in ways that made it extremely intriguing despite having very few likable characters. "I love you @lenadunham". Not only do Shosh's and Jessa's storylines end with Shosh's engagement party, but the NYC storyline ends as well. Marnie goes above and beyond the call of duty for Hannah and Grover. After "Goodbye Tour" tied up the loose ends and gave the characters their proper send-offs, the official conclusion provides a glimpse into Hannah's troublesome life as a single mother with live-in help from Marnie.

Both Hannah and Marnie were equally frustrated with the other, but they each refused to say so and instead passive-aggressively - or just plain aggressively - made pointed comments at one another, whether it was about Hannah's inability to properly swaddle Grover or make an "envelope with her nipple", or Marnie's desire to attend a jazz night at a wine bar and eat local cheeses. Hannah was able to only dabble with that scenario, before she realized that the new chapter in her life was beyond all that she had grown comfortable with.

We flash-forward five months.

On leaving New York City to be a mother, Dunham said of Hannah, "She came, she saw, she did not conquer, and she understood that it was time to do something different". While Marnie needs to metaphorically get off Hannah's teat, Grover is having the opposite problem: failure to latch on. Fucking everyone"-which causes Hannah to take off". If you were waiting for the payoff of Hannah becoming the famous writer she always thought she might be, you haven't been watching the same show I have. Would Hannah's unborn child be any less a baby if Hannah suddenly decided she just couldn't do this?

Marnie stood as the mix between a dad and a nanny as she took care of the baby to allow Hannah to sleep while she struggled with breastfeeding. But Loreen's not here to bail Hannah out. "You've got to start the way you finish, in some ways". You can't break the lease.

She's also the person who would analyze everything her baby does as a statement on who she is as a person and a mother. "It's like asking what your favorite song is, you know? F***ing everyone! For their whole lives!"

Hannah storms out of the house in pregnancy jeans.

I don't remember how much my baby weighed when he was Grover's age, but I do remember this: One evening while I was on maternity leave, my husband (for the purposes of this argument, my Marnie) casually mentioned his gums were a little sore from a teeth cleaning. "Are you happy here?"

Both women had a heart-to-heart talk after, and Marnie reveals that Hannah's happiness is more important to her right now. With her own Hannah methods, of course. The world out there is scary.

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While Hannah was walking off her anger during an hours-long stroll around the neighborhood, she came across a young teenager in distress running away from a house in her underwear.

Because I couldn't help but think on Sunday night that the Hannah I've known-the stereotype-breaking one who strips off her clothes in a physical "f**k you" in practically every other episode, who sleeps with who she wants when she wants and how she wants, who pleads for help constantly-would have been a little less hard on herself and given that baby some formula. She started screaming at the young girl who immediately ran away while still wearing her trousers. And thanks to a chat with Hannah's mom, she realized she needed to figure out what she wanted.

The most interesting twist wasn't that Hannah wound up with a brown baby after the show had been criticized for years for its lack of diversity - although that was a bold gesture by Lena Dunham to her detractors.

She then walks home to find her best friend and her mom outside while Grover sleeps upstairs. The transition from girl to woman, brewing for the past season or two, finally took. But this time, the departure from the GIRLS world is unsettling.

On Jessa and Adam's future. But I liked it.

While Hannah is off on her misadventure, Loreen and Marnie have some QT. And that's how you grow up.

The GIRLS logo collage was a cute way to open the show. He begins to cry and Hannah goes to him.

"And then he'll just torture animals and keep a room like in the movie Room".

While I would never say something as goofy as "there is nothing else the finale could have been", this is a perfectly logical finale for Girls. Hannah wants her trousers back.