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The bill proposes gas tax hikes of 12 cents-per-gallon, diesel tax increases and higher vehicle license fees.

Sacramento, CA - Today, the State Senate voted to approve the landmark comprehensive transportation funding package that will advance billions of dollars to improve California's crumbling roads and transportation infrastructure, specifically, $52 billion over the next decade for California's crumbling roads, highways and public transit. "They just don't want to be associated with the bill because it has money in it", Brown said.

As the governor and legislative leaders work swiftly to pass their gas tax and vehicle fee increase proposal, the business community as a whole is displaying a split personality on the issue.

Democratic Assemblyman Adam Gray of Merced, whose district overlaps Cannella's, also voted for the plan. While recognizing the need for transportation funding, there are always concerns with raising taxes. Jerry Brown, were hurrying to line up the two-thirds votes needed to pass the tax increases in votes scheduled for Thursday afternoon, before lawmakers adjourn for their weeklong spring break.

By way of translation, truckers long have sought a rule assuring them that when they buy new trucks, which can cost $120,000 or more each, they can operate them for the vehicles' useful life - 800,000 miles - without fear that new state or local air quality rules would compel removal of their fleet from the road. "The transportation proposal announced by the Capitol Democrats is a costly and burdensome plan that forces ordinary Californians to bail out Sacramento for years of neglecting our roads". "We got to fix them". Almost two-thirds of his constituents are Latinos.

In another sign that Brown and company were paying attention to the arguments against their package, it included a call for a 2018 ballot initiative to prohibit the legislature from diverting the new revenues to other uses. Some drivers say they understand the benefits of the plan, including $5.2 billion per year earmarked to fix roads that have always been neglected. Both the Senate and Assembly held hearings on the bill Monday.

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In this situation, every vote counts, and we are calling on our local assemblyman, Democrat Rudy Salas, to stand with Kern County and not support this attack on Kern County businesses and families. Jeff Stone added, "This so-called plan is the latest assault on working class people the Democrats claim to represent and will make many hard-working Californians, including our seniors, choose between food and gas or medicine and gas". The Orange County Democrat did not vote.

The amendment is part of a plan to generate $5 billion a year from gas and vehicle taxes for deteriorating roadways and transit projects. He spoke with newspaper editorial boards and showed up personally at legislative committee meetings to make the pitch for higher taxes and auto registration fees. Other sources include a 20-cent increase on the diesel excise tax and 5.75-percent increase in diesel sales tax.

$25 to $175 annual "Transportation Improvement Fee" increase.

"My thanks and appreciation go to Governor Brown, the Legislature's leadership for their support of SB 1, and the lawmakers who voted for the bill". Meanwhile, Brown and other Democratic leaders proclaimed victory. Brown, along with state Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, noted that California has not increased the gas tax in 23 years.

Democrats gained a legislative supermajority in November, but some leaders - including Sen.

Are enough voters in this heavily Democratic state willing to both oppose the gas tax increases while seeing funding cuts from other programs, as money is shuffled to road fix? The vote count was frozen three votes shy of passing for more than 10 tense minutes while lawmakers huddled on the floor, pressuring the trio to vote for the bill.