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Russian Federation has supported the Syrian government's denials amid global outrage over a suspected chemical-weapons attack on a rebel-held town in Syria, as the UN Security Council prepares to hold emergency talks over the incident.

The United States and Russian Federation are trading conflicting assertions about who launched a chemical weapons attack in Syria that killed 72 people.

Western countries say evidence indicates that Syrian pro-government forces were behind Tuesday's attack on the opposition-held town of Khan Sheikhoun.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, 8 Nissan, issued a statement following the heinous chemical weapons attack perpetrated by the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria. It's the first announced visit by a top USA official to Russian Federation since President Donald Trump's inauguration.

Ayrault said the attack was a test for the administration of US President Donald Trump.

The resolution - which was drafted by Britain, France, and the United States - "expresses its outrage that individuals continue to be killed and injured by chemical weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic, and expresses its determination that those responsible must be held accountable", according to a draft text obtained by Foreign Policy.

Moscow and Damascus's claims have also received support from officials and state media in Iran, another key backer of Assad.

One of the worst chemical bombings in Syria that killed at least 20 innocent children and 50 other persons, sparked an worldwide outrage on Wednesday and prompted the United Nations to call for a probe into the attack and to view it as a possible war crime.

"There's only one air force that has used such weapons in Syria", he said.

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April 5, 2017- A proposed United Nations resolution on a chemical weapons attack in Syria is "unacceptable" for Moscow, Russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying on Wednesday. Rescue workers hose down the limp bodies of small children, trying to wash away chemicals.

Johnson's remarks came upon his arrival to Brussels for an EU/UN conference on Syria.

Also underlining the necessity of a permanent ceasefire, Johnson said the Syrian "regime is preventing the United Nations from delivering aid to millions of Syrians, besieging over 475,000 people with the aim of starving them into submission". The worst attack was what a United Nations report said was an attack by toxic sarin gas in August 2013 on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta that killed hundreds of civilians. And the idea of even an indirect alliance with a Syrian government that is gassing its own people will be a hard sell with a US public appalled by the reams of footage of the six-year civil war's horror.

Kaine was referring to Trump's statement a day earlier in which he criticized Obama and suggested he deserved the blame for the chemical attack.

The three countries blamed Assad for the attack, possibly the third one with the use of chemical arms in a month.

It is unclear how, if at all, Trump will change the current strategy in Syria as a result of the attack.

Russia's defence ministry said early Wednesday that Syrian jets bombed a rebel depot in Khan Sheikhun housing "toxic substances" that were being put in bombs.

"There is no solution in Syria without getting rid of Assad", he said.