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ALBANY-With a NY state budget deal still elusive, the Legislature on Monday passed emergency legislation to keep state government running as finger-pointing and tensions ramped up at the Capitol.

The Raise the Age issue remains a sticking point between the Assembly and the State Senate, Gov. Cuomo said. NY is one of only two states in the nation to treat 16- and 17-year-olds as adults for purposes of criminal responsibility. When it didn't happen by late Sunday evening, Cuomo said lawmakers should pass an "extender" to keep the government functioning as it has been under the previous budget, but without adjustments for the new fiscal year. Some of the disagreements remain over raising the age of criminal responsibility, affordable housing tax credits in New York City and education aid. In the Assembly, lawmakers derisively dubbed Cuomo "Eminence" on Sunday afternoon after another period of stalled deals.

Lawmakers had until Monday to pass a so-called budget extender to keep state government operating and keep the paychecks flowing for about 150,000 state workers.

NY lawmakers won't get paid for almost two months under a stopgap state budget measure proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The measure is necessary to continue to pay for services, programs and pay about 150,000 employees across NY who work for the state.

"These are really complicated issues, and we are still having discussion", he said.

Now he is grappling with the latest budget since he took office in 2011.

Cuomo said Monday the legislature wasn't able to reach total agreement on all issues necessary for a complete annual agenda and that he would not accept "half a loaf" on the issues.

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In a statement released late last night, Cuomo pointed to the "ultraconservative Congress" and uncertainties posed by President Trump's threats to federal funding make the ny budget a "statement of values".

The governor said in his statement, though, that he would "not accept "half a loaf" on some key policies that are tied to the budget, meaning he will not accept a budget that does not include them.

Majority Leader Republican Sen.

"Passing this extender isn't a punt of our duties", Democratic Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie told reporters. With lobbyists still camped out in the halls of the state Capitol, no budget bills had been voted on.

Cuomo, who had argued the Republican proposal pitched by Rep. Chris Collins, R-Clarence.to shift the costs back to Albany was an immoral, illegal and unfair attack on the state, offered the argument Thursday that the new law was not only possible but just.

Poor New Yorkers who are accused of crimes often rely on public defense lawyers who are short on resources and have massive caseloads.

She's cautiously optimistic a state budget will get passed and with the money Albany needs. Catharine Young, R-Olean, blamed uncooperative Assembly Democrats for the failure to pass a budget.

Even high-ranking lawmakers said they were unsure of the state of negotiations. As early as Tuesday, Cuomo announced that there was a tentative deal to "raise the age" - as the campaign is known - but the details proved elusive.