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The Raiders' lease at Oakland Coliseum will be up at the end of the 2017 regular season with team options to continue playing there after each of the next two years. "They won't have that to worry about that at first".

Del Rio has asked for consecutive East Coast games close enough where the Raiders could stay out there and avoid one cross country trip.

"You have to be very thoughtful", Kaval said. Their commodity? The joy they bring fan bases. See, I moved here right before Week 2 of the 1994 National Football League season, and in the 22-plus years since, I've worked as both a sports journalist and in the sports-betting industry.

The money has never been there to substantially upgrade Sam Boyd Stadium, which opened in 1971 and has been expanded several times over the years.

“I think we still strongly oppose it in that room, and otherwise, legalized sports gambling. "If you build in the wrong place or don't build the right way, you can make a generational mistake". When the Chargers announced their move from San Diego to Los Angeles, the team informed current ticket holders they would have priority access to select seats at the new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park. We worked tirelessly over the last nine months or so on a solution. Some are suggesting that the stadium deal is among the worst the sports world has ever seen. There has been plenty of criticism directed toward the city of Las Vegas for using funds for a new stadium instead of that money going to projects that improve the quality of life within the city. For this to happen, it would also likely require another Power 5 conference to be paired with the Pac-12 - again, much like what happened with the Foster Farms Bowl, when it started pairing the Big Ten with the Pac-12 in 2014.

One thing that feels easier to predict, however, is a different postseason game: the Pac-12 championship.

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Meanwhile, the Oakland Athletics, the team that wanted out the most five years ago, is the only major-league Oakland sports team that has no plans to leave.

The Las Vegas stadium will not be ready until 2020. "It didn't when they went to Los Angeles, and I don't think it's going to change it when they go to Las Vegas".

With a tradition that rich, it's easy to imagine the Raiders having one location where they have entrenched themselves since inception.

He and other long-time Raider fans he told me he has talked with are alarmed that the motivation to move yet another team seemed to be based exclusively on money, especially when the Chargers were a viable option and they are the team with the struggling revenue stream. Professional football had become a secondary interest for me - something to watch between baseball and hockey seasons.

The state of Nevada is now the United States heavyweight champion in handing out sports subsidies. "So it would not be appropriate to address the matter now".