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Although the American Health Care Act, or AHCA, failed to attract enough votes to advance last week, the ideas contained within the bill have always been popular with conservatives and will likely be introduced again in the future, according to the authors of a new policy brief on the proposed legislation from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

At one of the leading health clinics in the region, Mountain Comprehensive in Whitesburg, there have been so many new patients lately that it had to expand its services.

Whether the break is two, four or eight years, the varied and disparate stakeholders who need stability in the health care marketplace can not afford to live and work under the dark cloud of another round of repeal and replace.

Indeed, the attacks on the ACA seem to have revived a survival-of-the-fittest attitude most of us thought had vanished in America long ago.

MARY AGNES CAREY: Thanks for having me. Yes, people with health insurance are more likely to be healthy.

"Despite everything I said today, I am hopeful we can create the world's best health care system", Potter said. Some people are on Medicaid.

The proposed health care act also hit older California couples hard: A 60-year-old couple with no dependents earning $20,000 a year would have lost more than $16,000 in benefits, a 67 percent drop. So how will the insurance industry react? Humana has already announced it intends to leave the exchanges altogether.

President Donald Trump's notion of getting moderate Democrats to join with majority Republicans to help him win approval of health care legislation faces longshot odds, representatives of both parties said Tuesday.

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Greg Knox met Mike Pence at a "listening session" near Cincinnati in early March, and made such a strong impression on the vice president that he was invited to meet President Trump at the White House a week-and-a-half later. The problem is, it's not clearly on its way to exploding.

And truthfully, most people don't feel the impact of these rate increases. "We can not leave them high and dry". Those things have been adding up. Customers are supposed to be allowed to do so only if they have a life-changing event like the birth of a child, a marriage, or the loss of a job that provided coverage, but insurers have found that people are just waiting to sign up when they need care. Health Secretary Tom Price has encouraged governors to apply for federal waivers to impose work requirements, premiums and other measures on those in the program. Or he can let premiums run their own course, without government cost assistance, and hope they continue to go up.

Ryan's indignation highlighted a fundamental divergence in attitudes that repeatedly turned the health care debate into a clash over the philosophy behind Obamacare-style health insurance.

CAREY: Well, that has been a chronic problem, as you've noted. "It keeps the Obamacare subsidies but it renames them refundable tax credits", Sen. For example, these experts said that Congress tends not to care about the economic efficiency of legislative proposals, discounts lessons from other nations, and struggles to confront the trade-offs inherent in legislating.

But there was no immediate breakthrough on an overhaul of the Obama health law. Until then, Trump is "going to move on".

But here's the takeaway for me. When you have a heart attack, you need medical attention now. So you can make that decision, but if you don't have insurance, you don't have insurance, and you may be on the hook for a lot of those costs if you get sick. "If you think this is complicated and controversial, wait 'til we get into tax reform". "There is good, honest discussion going on".

CAREY: I think affordability remains an issue, whether you are buying on the exchanges or off the exchanges.