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The 8.1 update launched only domestically today, and is expected to be launched worldwide over the week. In 2016, China imported 11,839 Tesla vehicles.

Version 8.1 appears to navigate freeway conditions with more confidence, but it is still not on par with Tesla's first-generation Autopilot, notes Teslarati. The update reportedly brings many new features including a beta introduction of the Summon feature. This update is one of a series that will match the 2.0 hardware to the first-generation capabilities. The global rollout will follow soon over the next couple of days.

Several surveys have shown that almost half of individuals would like to try an electric vehicle if they can afford, less for curiosity but more because they are environment friendly.

A Tesla Model S vehicle at the Tesla store, Sydney, March 13.

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This particular feature sends out vibration alerts to the steering wheel in order to notify the driver if their auto is leaving the marked lane without activating the appropriate turn signal. The alert is indicated by the vibration in steering wheel, advising the driver about their diversion from the track. It's expected to cost around $35,000 United States dollars and offer a range of almost 220 miles (354 kilometres), with 0-60 mile per hour (0-96 kilometre per hour) performance under six seconds. The feature relies on traffic-aware cruise control.

The Model X will now have a one-tap automatic seat adjustment that gives owners more control over the positioning of the middle row seats in the sport-utility vehicles.

Another Autopilot 1.0 feature now making its way to 2.0 vehicles is Auto Lane Change. The vehicle's sensor will play a major role in advising the driver when it will be safe to change the lane.

A Summon feature also comes with the new software, which allows Tesla owners to move their cars in and out of parking spaces with remote commands. Tesla says it is now developing the technology to eventually make the vehicles fully autonomous.