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Sen. Ron Wyden wants the Senate Intelligence Committee to investigate the financial relationships between Russian Federation and President Donald Trump and his associates. "We want to look at what was cut and thrown on the floor, either in analytic product or in intelligence, to figure out whether an analyst made the right determination with what we know today". Clint Watts from the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at George Washington University told Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican committee member who made a failed bid for the presidency in 2016, that he may have been victimized by such propaganda during the USA primary season. Marco Rubio that his presidential campaign was targeted.

Burr declined to go along with the White House's denial of collusion between the campaign and Russian hackers, who US intelligence officials believe favored Trump in last year's campaign at the expense of Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

House Speaker Paul Ryan tells CBS News he has full confidence in Chairman Nunes' ability to conduct an investigation.

The hearing was to essentially provide a baseline understanding of Russian disinformation campaigns and the role of cyber efforts, including social media and other online activities.

Clint Watts is with the Foreign Policy Research Institute Program on National Security. Watts suggested that the committee also "follow the dead bodies".

Russian Federation experts are telling the Senate intelligence committee that President Vladimir Putin hasn't stopped his alleged disinformation campaign in America.

SHAPIRO: David, how does that tone compare to what we have heard on the House side from the leaders of that investigation? Warner of Virginia, emphasized the bipartisan nature of the panel's efforts, drawing a determined, though unstated, contrast with the partisan dysfunction of a parallel investigation in the House. CBS National Security correspondent Jeff Pegues reported that the Senate committee will examine whether the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russians during the election.

Nunes is supposed to meet with Adam Schiff - the ranking Democrat on the committee - to discuss how to move forward.

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The hearing, broken up into several sessions, began Thursday morning with a panel of academics brought in to explain Russia's history of trying to influence politics in other countries. Sen. And they said Britain's "Brexit" vote a year ago on leaving the European Union should be examined.

"Putin and the Russian government also developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump". He said there would be more open hearings. "An outside foreign adversary effectively sought to hijack our most critical democratic process - the election of a president".

The committee held its first public hearing on Russian meddling in the USA election Thursday with calls for nonpartisanship, citing ongoing foreign interference that threatens "the heart of our democracy". Putin describes the allegations as part of the USA domestic political struggle.

Nunes, who served on Donald Trump's transition team, has come under fire for briefing the president at the White House last week about possible incidental surveillance of Trump before alerting his committee members.

"We're going to do an investigation with or without them", said Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), Chair of House Intelligence Committee.

Mr Kushner, who is married to Mr Trump's daughter, Ivanka, volunteered to speak to the Senate Intelligence Committee, the White House has said, and is scheduled to appear next week. Democrats are now demanding he recuse himself.

"Let me set the ground rules real quick", Burr said on Wednesday before taking questions.