"It also starts to undo the emissions limits for new power plants, methane release regulations for oil and natural gas drilling, the moratorium on new coal-mining leasing on federal land and more".

Murray Energy CEO Bob Murray said while Trump won't be able to bring coal mining jobs back - largely due to automation - he can "level the playing field" for the coal industry.

The order also directs federal agencies to rescind or amend policies that might hamper domestic energy production.

"Every year for the last three years, we've broken the global temperature record", Perez said in a statement Tuesday.

"Now, it remains to be seen by which other means the United States intends to meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement", said Cañete.

Environmentalists say keeping those reserves in the ground is crucial to the global effort to minimize climate change. In Iowa, he added, 35 percent of the state's energy comes from wind or solar power, and has created 17,300 jobs, and has been cited by Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, a Republican, as having been a source for "good, high-paying jobs, helping families grow". Lubber was especially critical of efforts to unwind the Clean Power Plan, which is aimed at reducing carbon pollution from US power plants. An Interior Department rule setting requirements for hydraulic fracturing on federal land will be rescinded.

"We will put our miners back to work", Trump said to applause.

Twenty-five states and four state agencies challenged Obama's Clean Power Plan in January 2016, calling it "the most far reaching and burdensome rule EPA has ever forced onto the states". "The Trump administration is going to fight much harder to try to keep us away from trial", says the plaintiffs' lead attorney, Julia Olson. That will take time, and the agency will have to try to scientifically justify a new set of regulations in its place.

The President has already vowed to slash EPA funding by a third and appointed Scott Pruitt - who previously sued the agency - as its head.

But whatever the opponents do, they're likely to face significant pushback from Trump and his allies in conservative states, the fossil fuel industry and other business sectors.

Brown said in an interview he is confident the Obama-era rule will be upheld in court. Since then, a panel of the US Appeals Court for the District of Columbia Circuit heard oral arguments on the merits of the rule, but has yet to weigh in. "It'll need new evidence, new analysis, new public comments, a new cost-benefit analysis, and in all likelihood, new litigation".

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The governors of California and NY said Tuesday that they will push ahead with their aggressive climate change policies despite President Donald Trump's executive order that seeks to boost the coal industry.

The ruling made it the EPA's responsibility to regulate carbon pollution as a matter of public health after a series of "endangerment hearings".

"The problem with coal jobs has not been Carbon dioxide regulations, so this will probably not bring back coal jobs", Robert W. Godby, an energy economist at the University of Wyoming, told The New York Times.

He agreed with Raney that research would help the industry but argued that if Trump is serious about saving coal industry jobs, he will invest in carbon capture and sequestration technology and enable coal workers to sell their product overseas to places like Europe and China.

The Trump administration hasn't said if the U.S. will remain a part of that 2015 Paris climate accord - despite the president's campaign pledges to rip up the deal that set broad, non-binding carbon-cutting targets for the USA and almost 200 other countries.

Specifically, Trump's daughter Ivanka, son-in-law Jared Kushner, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have opposed such a move.

Trump has always been a critic of climate change policies, even going so far to call climate change a "hoax" perpetrated by the Chinese.

"We're going to go in a different direction", a senior White House official told Reuters before Trump signed Tuesday's order, named "Energy Independence" "The previous administration devalued workers with their policies".

"The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make USA manufacturing non-competitive", Trump tweeted in November 2012.

Mansfield's press conference at the North End Community Improvement Collaborative offices - including Baker, Mansfield City Council at-large member Don Bryant, NECIC executive director Deanna West-Torrence and Moms Clean Air Force Ohio organizer Laura Burns - highlighted the effects of climate change in the area.