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The following discusses plot points from this week's The Walking Dead Season 7 episode, "Something They Need".

"Once, a long time ago, I made a rule ..."

Either way, all will be revealed with next week's season finale.

Still, it's worth noting that even the newbies who consider joining the cause are doing so on the other end of a gun barrel. Up on Hilltop, Maggie seems determined to make sure that the new Negancare plan - no doctor, yer shit outta luck if you need one - doesn't keep her down. Right after she's already given him forgiveness he doesn't entirely deserve. Eugene could end up helping her, but it's not looking promising at the moment. He wants Sasha to understand, but she doesn't, and he leaves, dejected.

If only Gregory wasn't still around. Maggie wishes they were actually united, and Gregory apologizes.

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Maggie tells Gregory that it's never too late to change, but the impression is that his cowardice (plus his emerging alcohol problem) won't lead to a heroic rebirth.

We don't know a lot about Rapey Davey but this is a very intriguing moment for Negan. Seems like he's cashing in on the mustachioed Savior's offer to visit the Sanctuary - and plotting to sell Maggie out.

One of the reasons we write posts about the people who died on The Walking Dead is that there are casual fans who don't watch regularly, and they like to know if someone died.

Worst character: How can Gregory contemplate stabbing a pregnant woman, not do it, then resign himself to having the Saviors kill her for him after she saved his life? They clearly follow their ruler and Lucille's marching orders to the T, but rape is over the line for Negan? Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) did a terrific job as a warrior for the group and was a great servant to the show but Steven Yeun (Glenn) had been on the show since the first episode so to leave him, was very hard, personally as well as professionally. Sorry, Negan: dudes don't get bonus points for acknowledging that sexual assault is wrong - that's just a basic expectation we have for every human being. Just a tip from us to you. Like Sasha, who wasn't buying any of it. Negan uses his cool demeanor to sweet talk Sasha into thinking she will be safe but also implies that he's the boss and won't hesitate to kill her if he has to.

And that was a pivot to good womansplaining, as Sasha effectively turned the tables when she convinced Eugene she needed a lethal weapon to take her own life. So Negan's justice of knifing David after he got threatening and handsy with Sasha in the cell did nothing to humanize Negan, or his sense of justice. After all this waiting and building, I really hope we're in for an epic and awesome finale next week. Will Tanya come around after the war is over and join in society as they try to rebuild? The people of Oceanside nearly immediately lose what little distinctive identity they once had, falling into line like they were just waiting for some bearded dude to show up and start ordering them around, and there's no acknowledgement of the weirdness of this, of how close Rick's tactics are to the very man he's trying to destroy. That's where Tara found a heavily-armed. They're still murderers - the fact that you don't have to work with someone after you murder them doesn't make it any less of an unforgivable crime than rape. Or at least devise a strategy that doesn't involve massive explosions that ring out like a zombie dinner bell? But can Dwight be trusted on The Walking Dead? Natania comes out with Tara at gunpoint. She went straight for Tonya, but she did not agree to join them. Over on the other side of the fence, Rosita has brought Dwight back from the Sanctuary with her, and he claims he wants to help Rick & co.