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"We had to stay".

The Pentagon, however, does not plan to change the way it conducts airstrikes, even as the fighting enters more densely populated urban areas. They alleged a coalition airstrike had killed the people who were sheltering in a building.

The change in tactics came amid uproar over the March 17 incident, in which local officials say a USA coalition airstrike demolished buildings killing scores of people, with some citing a death toll of more than 200.

Jamal and her immediate family survived.

If confirmed, the March 17 attack in Mosul would be among the deadliest airstrikes to hit civilians since the us war in Iraq began in 2003.

The deadliest of the alleged attacks was in Iraqi city of Mosul on March 17, in which as many as 200 people died.

"We realise the huge responsibility the liberating forces shoulder", Iraqi parliament speaker Salim Jabouri tweeted, calling on them to "spare no effort to save the civilians".

The "Mosul Eye" Google Map, which has anonymous been posting from inside Mosul since ISIS captured the city in 2014, has tracked around 18 attacks on residential areas in Mosul, which it said were carried out by U.S-backed coalition airstrikes, by local Iraqi forces or by ISIS.

Gen. Joseph Votel, the head of U.S. Central Command, said in a statement Sunday that coalition forces will continue taking what he called "extraordinary measures to avoid harming civilians".

One 14-year-old told Sky News, "There was no education under Islamic State, just how to kill, how to grow long beards and wear short pants". It's time for the worldwide community to read headlines about civilian deaths and realize who's really to blame.

"Heavy weapons will only be used when necessary, although suspending their use will increase losses in the ranks of our forces and postpone settling the battle", he added, saying the forces fighting IS will now focus on draining the extremist group while allowing civilians to leave. The U.S. recently sent Marine artillery to Syria in order to support the militia fighters on the ground there.

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Iraqi forces have retaken the east of Mosul and half of the west across the Tigris River that divides Iraq's second city. Looser rules could well be producing more casualties.

The surge in reported civilian deaths spans the region. The actual number remains unclear.

A USA airstrike that may have killed scores or even hundreds of people in Mosul on March 17 may now tarnish that record.

The US has lent its aerial firepower to the offensive since it began, but rights groups say recent weeks have seen a "dramatic rise" in the amount of non-combatant casualties, Al Jazeera reports.

The incident caused widespread anger in Iraq.

"Bunker-busting bombs, more suited to destroying military installations, are now destroying homes, decimating bomb shelters, crippling, maiming, killing dozens, if not hundreds", said Matthew Rycroft, the United Kingdom ambassador to the U.N.

On Sunday, parliament's human rights committee called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to launch urgent investigations into reports of "massacres" being committed in western Mosul by USA -led coalition warplanes.

On Monday, Al-Jazeera related accounts from several civilians who witnessed airstrikes in Mosul.

Word of the investigation came as the Pentagon announced that it was dispatching more us troops from the 82nd Airborne Division to Mosul to assist Iraqi forces as the battle intensifies.

USA media reports say an investigation is under way.