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The new tablet starts off at a price of $329. But, they've more than made up for the changes by dropping price on the iPad.

The iPad will carry the same cameras that the iPad Air 2 did, namely an 8-megapixel, rear-mounted iSight camera and a 1.2-megapixel front camera - the latter of which is still capable of making 720p HD video calls despite its relatively low megapixel rating.

Apple has reportedly filed a patent application for a slim portable accessory that will help turn an iPhone and iPad into a touchscreen laptop.

So, as you can tell from the tech specs, the new iPad is somewhat lacking compared to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Rhoda Alexander, director for tablets and PCs at IHS Markit, told Forbes in a phone interview last week that a new iPad Pro with 10.5-inch display screen is coming to the market. It looks like a great device for casual content consumption at a very reasonable price.

A MacBook-like shell would be designed with hardware found in traditional laptops such as a large display, physical keyboard, GPU, ports and other necessary components.

These updates include a speed bump with the faster A9 processor now powering this tablet and a brighter 9.7-inch Retina display bringing an improved visual experience.

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"The replacement cycle for iPads is getting really long", said Mikako Kitagawa, a principal research analyst with Gartner. Would you want one of these?

The iPad Pro is also available in rose gold colour, which isn't yet an option with the new iPad.

Considering the big deal that Apple typically makes about its tablets getting thinner with every generation, an upgrade that means going from 6.1mm thick and 0.96 pounds to 7.5mm thick and 1.03 pounds might be off-putting. But it may do little to reverse the decline, according to Apple analyst-turned-venture capital investor Gene Munster.

"They've held that $499 introductory price on the 9.7 for seven years now", she told TechNewsWorld. The design The camera and display remain the same as the iPad Air 2, but hey-who was complaining?

The 9.7-inch iPad now enters the market at just $469.

Apple unveiled a new iPad Mini with 128GB of storage for $399, this is the same amount of money you would have spent on the 32GB model with Wi-Fi, which has been discontinued. I'm not sure if this is a swift stroke that solves the competitive balance between iPads and Chromebooks in schools, but it's definitely an attempt by Apple to be more competitive overall.

Slated for availability in Apple Stores on Friday, the RED iPhone pricing will start at $749 for a 128-GB model.