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The report merely stated that Travis County had declined ICE requests to detain certain undocumented immigrants when they had either served their time or made bail.

"The Travis County Sheriff's decision to deny ICE detainer requests and release back into our communities criminals charged with heinous crimes - including sexual offenses against children, domestic violence and kidnapping - is risky and should be criminal in itself", Abbott said.

Franklin County Warden William Bechtold was not available on Monday, but he told a reporter on February 22 that ICE responds quickly in cases where undocumented immigrants are to be released from the local jail. Lehigh County detained the New Jersey man in 2008 for two days before ICE realized Galarza was not the man they were looking for.

"I think this is a truly terrifying decision that DHS has made", said Lindsay Schubiner of the civil rights group Center for New Community.

"In this particular situation, they weren't able to come up and pick up the inmate so they were asking us to hold the person past the date of February 3, and we refused to do so", Reams said.

The administration released a list of 206 cases of immigrants released from custody despite requests from federal agents to keep them locked up.

This is just the Trump administration's latest attempt to smear sanctuary cities, but it's also a trap for local law enforcement-ICE could be shaming them into violating your rights. Under a Boston Trust Act also issued in August 2014, officials in Boston declared they would not honor an ICE detainer without a criminal warrant. But if a person who ICE is looking for is booked at the county jail, the agency is contacted, Chief Deputy Jeremy Nachreiner said.

The other agencies listed as turning down the largest number of detention requests are Clark County in Nevada, New York's Nassau County and Cook County in IL. Snohomish County ranked in the top 10 counties in the nation with detainers pending.

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The measures - including training for school safety officers on how to respond to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers seeking access to public schools - are a response to President Donald Trump's immigration enforcement efforts, which have stoked fear in immigrant communities, de Blasio said. The peak came at the height of the "Secure Communities" program, which encouraged local law enforcement to cooperate with ICE through the use of detainers and other methods - a program that local New Mexico law enforcement broadly rejected and that Trump has said he wants to revive. During a call with reporters Monday, senior DHS officials indicated that many county jails list the names of inmates in public databases, which can be used to identify people listed in the DHS report.

Same thing goes in Northampton: In August 2014, that MA city's mayor issued an executive order stating that local officials will not honor an ICE detainer that is not for a crime and not issued by a judge.

This is the first of what the United States Department of Homeland Security says will be weekly reports.

According to The Seattle Times, the problem comes down to counties refusing to accept detainer requests.

A number of cities and counties reacted by declaring themselves so-called sanctuaries for immigrants facing deportation, King and Snohomish among them.

The Sacramento suspect was one of 11 released from California jails.

"In April of 2014, a judge for the U.S. District Court of OR found Clackamas County violated Maria Miranda-Olivares' constitutional rights", wrote Sheriff Garrett.