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Trump's budget would also slash the EPA's enforcement division, which fines companies for pollution, by 31 percent, doing away with dozens of programs, such as the Energy Star appliance efficiency program aimed at reducing energy consumption.

I look forward to engaging the Congress and enacting this America First Budget.

For example, the proposed cuts to Health and Human Services would eliminate altogether money for the Meals on Wheels program, which provides hot meals to the elderly on fixed incomes. CPB supports 1,500 public radio and TV stations across the country, among them, the National Public Radio.

The Trump budget for the fiscal year that starts in October would reduce NIH funding by $5.8 billion to $25.9 billion, a 22 percent reduction that the administration said would include a major reorganization, reduced administrative costs and a refocusing of resources on "highest priority research". NIH funds medical research, including about 300,000 scientists at universities.

"I thought it was sort of tongue in cheek", Mulvaney said. "And it's important. It's a risk management tool that we all use and I hope they don't cut that when they decide to do the cuts".

"We don't have universal ― the only way to have universal care, if you stop to think about it, is to force people to buy it under penalty of law", Mulvaney said Sunday on ABC's "This Week".

The NIH is not the only science agency that would shrink under the budget plan. Even members of his own party have said the plan is dead on arrival when it comes to Congress. Advocates for the poor are also expressing concern about the president's newly released budget plan.

More news: Trump budget plan reaffirms 10% increase in military spending

In a message with his budget submitted to Congress, Trump said he aimed to advance "the safety and security of the American people", adding he would do so with $54 billion in added military spending next year and putting more money into deporting illegal immigrants. Trump plans to do these tasks without increasing our debt.

As for entitlements, Mulvaney said Mr. Trump's budget is consistent with his promise not to take away anyone's Social Security or Medicare - and drew attention to programs such as Social Security Disability Insurance as potential areas that could be cut.

Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Maryland, who is leading Senate Democrats' campaign committee in 2018, called Trump's budget a "betrayal" of his voters.

"We're going to spend money. but we're not going to spend it on programs that can not show they actually deliver the promises that we've made to people".

However, the budget outline drew swift condemnation from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who claimed the proposal shows Trump does not value the future of children and working families.

"The President's budget proposal puts cities across America and our residents last".

Other departments targeted for double-digit hits: Commerce (16 percent), Education (14 percent), Housing and Urban Development (13 percent), Transportation (13 percent) and the Interior Department (12 percent).